Which Vacuum Cleaners Are Made in the USA

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The history of vacuum cleaners is impressive so let’s take a look at this. Engineer Hubert Cecil Booth used his own Vacuum on the wealthier streets of London. He worked in Maudslay, Sons, and Field as a suspension bridges designer in the 1890s in Lambeth. In 1901 Booth changed his skill to carpet cleaning. He makes this change when he sees a machine in London’s Empire Music Hall. When he saw the device, he realized that there was a big gap in that. That machine was designed to blow out air. The Booth suggests to the inventor that the dusty air should not blow but suck. The inventor gave the challenge to Booth started his mission to make a machine that could suck the air. In the early ’20s, Booth has invented his machine.  Let’s take a look at which vacuum cleaners are made in the USA, and best.

So if you need reliability, then American-made vacuum cleaners are the best. Most of the clients refer to Made in USA label. They are willing to purchase USA-made products. Many US producers produce pretty good units.

Here’s the List of Which Vacuum Cleaners Are Made in the USA

Here is the list of Which Vacuum Cleaners Are Made in the USA

  • Kirby Avalir 2
  • Rainbow SRX Cleaning System
  • Sanitaire EON Allergen
  • Simplicity S65 Cordless Multi-use
  • Hover Commercial Hushtone Hardbegged upright
  • Shop-Vac Eagle Eye
  • MetroVAC Air Force Express
  • Oreck Elevate Conquer
  • Aerus Lux Commercial
  • Maytag M1200

Why Should I Buy American Made Vacuums?

Now, we’ll be going to explore some fundamental reasons to buy American products.

American-made products must have undergone many certification processes that ensure the product will work effectively. If products do not meet the criteria of good quality, dont get a certificate from the government. No one can sell uncertified things in the USA. So the products available in the USA market are always of good quality. Some American products are pretty expensive, but many products have a price range similar to those in other countries. Several countries where our products are shipped have no regulations about protecting the environment, and manufacturers have no concern regarding the pollution of the earth. Still, American manufacturers take great care to protect the environment. There are many more reasons like this that urge you to buy products from your own country.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner?

When you buy a vacuum cleaner in the USA, you have to look at this buying guide that will let you know what factors you should consider while purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

● Ease of Use

When you go to the market to buy a vacuum cleaner, make sure that it should be easy to use. When you buy a new vacuum cleaner, read the manual thoroughly.

● Suction Power

The cleaning power of a vacuum cleaner depends upon its suction power which management can measure in Watts. The most full-sized cord has suction power of almost 100-200 air watts. So check suction power thoroughly before buying your vacuum cleaner.

● Dirt Bag Capacity

Keep in mind that a small cleaning bag means a lower cleaning process. Try to choose a big pack that has a reusable bag. The reusable vacuum bags can save money and also contain a giant mess.

● Wet or Dry Vacuum

There are two types of vacuum cleaners present in the market. Dry vacuums are made to clean dry dirt and wet vacuum cleaners that can directly clean moist or liquid. Most households have dry vacuums, and they work well. If you use those vacuums for wet dirt, they must be stopped and cleaned before subsequent use.

● Air Filtration

There are some HEPA filters and EU HEPA Standards present in the market. The HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of the dirt particles, and the other 0.3 are quite micro in size. These filters are good for asthma or allergic patients. If your Vacuum costs $200 or more, it must be a vacuum of HEPA model.

● Noise Level

If you buy a vacuum of high quality, but its noise is like a jet fighter, this is not an optimal solution. Vacuum cleaners with a noise level below 60db are tremendous and can be used without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

 The Best American Made Vacuum cleaners

No doubt, there are several vacuums made by USA manufacturers. We have listed the Top 10 at the top, but I want to share the most critical two vacuum cleaners that are commonly used in the USA. These vacuum cleaners are of top quality. These companies may not be 100%  American, but investors from different countries invest there.

When we talk about the best vacuums, a few brands are at the top list. Dyson has exhaustive technology, but Hoover has earned a solid reputation in 100 years. If you choose either brand, you may not go wrong, but choosing between Dyson and Hoover Vacuum is delicate work. Both vacuums offer excellent reliability and performance. Below we will try to elaborate on each brand to find the best fit for your house. Which Vacuum Cleaners Are Made in the USA and which one you should choose.


Hoover’s first vacuum cleaner was introduced in 1930. Over time, the brand has expanded its progress line and added more technology and options. Their model is not as high-tech as Dyson, but Hoover offers a variety of options that may fit many budgets. Some of the vacuums of Hoover are Bluetooth compatible.


Dyson is famous for its high technology vacuums, they offer the most powerful suction in the vacuum. They are designed to work on different surfaces, that allow you to clean the floor of your house as well as the ceiling. Dyson offers Four types of vacuums

  • Upright vacuum
  • Canister vacuum
  • Cordless vacuum
  • Handheld vacuum

Dyson vacuums provide tangle-free service, which means you can pick even the hairs of a pet.

The decision of choosing Dyson or Hoover depends upon your cleaning needs and budget. If you need high technology, you should go for Dyson, if you have a low budget then buy Hoover. Dyson comes up with high technology but at a high price. While Hoover comes up with a low price that may come under your budget.

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