Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Cut Out?

4 Reasons Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Cut Out?

Despite their efficiency and accuracy, Dyson vacuum cleaners may experience several difficulties. One of the most prevalent, especially with cordless versions such as the Dyson V10, is that they tend to stall and restart rather than deliver a continuous suction supply.

In this article, we will explain “Why does my Dyson vacuum cut out?” and how you can fix it so it would stop pulsating. 

How do Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Work?

Dysons use cyclone technology to separate dirt and other particles from the air. It involves spinning the air at a very high speed, causing most of the dirt particles in the air to stick to each other as they are centrifuged out of the airflow. The suction typically decreases as a result of this process but does not cut out completely.

Dyson vacuums have a thermal switch that turns off the power if heat builds up due to blocked airflow. It will only turn back on once it cools down again. If a foreign object blocks a part of your Dyson’s system, such as a sock blocking an airflow sensor or ducting, the fan won’t be able to spin at its regular speed. Therefore, it can’t create any suction. Once the airflow is unblocked, the fan restarts within a few seconds.

Why does my Dyson Vacuum Cut Out?

There can be numerous problems that can cut out your Dyson Vacuum, and here are a few of those.

1- Plugging-in Issues

The first thing to do is check that the plug on your Dyson is securely fitted into the wall. If there is no power reaching your Dyson, it won’t be possible to run fully. Also, look at the mains wire and see if you can find any rips or tears, this will cause a loss of power.

2- Powerhead Issues

If your Dyson has shut down during operation, the main motor may have overheated due to a blockage or loss of suction. So, you should remove any attachments and hoses connected to the machine and try vacuuming without these parts attached. It will allow your Dysons power to focus on the area being cleaned rather than get confused with all the other parts attached.

3- Check for Tangled Hair and Blockages

You should always check the Dyson for any tangled hair or string that may have got caught up in the inner workings of the machine. By constantly checking your Dyson from time to time, you will see if it is becoming less effective, which could indicate a blockage problem.

4- Check your Battery and Charger

Make sure that the battery of your Dyson vacuum is charged fully.  If the battery isn’t full, it might run out mid-vacuuming session, which will cause your Dyson to restart. Also, check that your charger is connected securely and not loose in any way. It may have slipped out of place or been damaged, so try another socket or change the fuse if that is the case.

How to Prevent Dyson Vacuum from Cutting Out?

Here are a few tips to help you prevent your Dyson from cutting out and becoming less effective.

1- Never Overload your Machine

If you put too much load on your vacuum at one time, then it won’t be able to move around easily, causing it to fall back on itself. It can cause a loss of suction, which will cause it to stall. So, never overload your vacuum cleaner.

2- Wash your Filter with Coldwater

The filters may appear clean, even if you haven’t washed them in a while. However, don’t be fooled by appearances; most of the dirt and dust is likely hidden inside the filter, and it will become apparent once you start rinsing it.

You should wash the filter with cold water until the running water is clear. You don’t need to use detergent or soap; just use plain water. While you should squeeze and twist the long pre-filters to remove any dirt trapped within, you can simply rinse out the post-filter without damaging the pleats inside.

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3- Keep it Clear of obstructions

If you leave items on the floor or in the path of where your Dyson will go, it might not be able to suck up the dirt and debris, and if you had kept it clear of any obstructions. It may also cause your Dyson to stall if it’s constantly blocking its suction capabilities.

4- Turn off your powerhead

If you don’t need the powerhead function on, then switch it off as this is a big drain on the battery and can cause your Dyson to cut out at any given time due to loss of power.

5- Regularly check for Tangled Hairs

If your Dyson is making a high-pitched noise or shutting off, check to see whether the dirt bin is empty and there are no blockages at the top of the bin. While inspecting the valve at the top of the wand where it joins the canister using a flashlight, look for additional obstructions. So, always check for the tangled hair so that it works properly.

6- Keep it Free from Debris and Blockages

Hair, lint, and any other debris can easily get create blockages in your Dyson vacuum. It results in a loss of suction which will cause your vacuum to stall or cut out altogether. So make sure that you clean out any loose items before they become tangled up in the rollers and obstructions.

7- Free HEPA Filter Replacement Reminder

If this happens regularly, it might indicate an issue with the filters blocking the airflow over the motor. If left for too long, it may cause damage to your machine’s motor. It can result in expensive repairs or a completely new one. If you are experiencing frequent power cuts, you must check the filters and clean them out regularly (at least weekly) to prolong the life of your machine. 

Final Verdict

We hope you got answers to your query about “why does my Dyson vacuum cut out” quite well. Follow the tips mentioned above to keep your vacuum last longer. Moreover, you can also get spare filters and swap them around regularly during cleaning.

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