Why Does My Dog Attack The Vacuum

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Why Does My Dog Attack The Vacuum

Well, learning why does my dog attack the vacuum is quite important. Dogs are curious by nature. Their curiosity might very well be the reasons to attack the vacuum. However, the list of the reasosns isn’t enclosed really. One key thing is to remember that whatever may be the reason, it’s better to find a solution.

Dogs have fear, curiosity, and what not. They also have the instincts to hunt and protect. While a vacuum cleaner make sound, it might instill sudden fear in them.

Besides,  it can arouse them to sense fear and accumulate a protectie instinct. Moreover, they might very well get irritated by the sound and feel threatened.

Why Does My Dog Bark At The Vacuum?

Well, at times, dogs don’t attack the vacuum just yet. They keep barking at the vacuum. Remember that they have the protective instincts. That’s the reason mainly for them to bark at the vacuum.

However, when a vacuum starts working, the movement, noises, and sudden smell can arouse a dog to become alert and bark.

Reasons Why Your Dog Attack at The Vacuum

Unpredictable Movements of Vacuum Cleaner

Try to notice if your dog attack the vacuum only when it operates and moves. If so, the movement of your vacuum cleaner might be the culprit here. So, in that case, try and make your dog used to the movement of vacuum cleaners.

As time passes by you’ll see that, it’ll be easy for your dog to adapt with the movement of vacuum cleaners. Humans being also get startled at sudden movements of vacuum cleaners. So, it’s normal for dogs to do the same.

Also, try to do the vacuuming when your dog isn’t around.

Dog Attack For The Odor Concerns

Due to the curiosity of dogs, they might attack the vacuum cleaner when it emits a foul scent. The smelling power of dogs are too high. They can smell from a long distance. Vacuum cleaners absorbs the smell of different items it suck inside. Hence, the scent or odor of it might startle the dog to attack.

Smells can be strong at time. At that point, the problem will only escalate at a higher level. So, when your vacuum cleaner has a strong smell, keep you dog in notice. It’s better if you can keep your dog away from the vacuum cleaner. In that way, the odor won’t affect the dog.

The Noise of a Vacuum Cleaner

It’s needless to mention that dogs are one of a kind alert animal. They almost always get active when they hear a sound or noise. But, the thing is that vacuum cleaners can make really high sound. This irritates them and arouses them to attack viciously. Even, the mildest of vibration can startle a dog to some point. So, make your dog used to it.

The hearing and smelling power of a dog is too high than humans. That makes it even worse. Because, we might not hear some low or high sound which they can hear. They can even hear ultrasonic sounds. So, it’s necessary to find out when and how your dog reacts on different types of sound.

Suction Power

The suction power of your dog can be one of the most notable reasons to react and attack it. When a vacuum sucks up things, the dog might felt threatened. Thus, the dog might reach suddenly.

It gets worse when the dogs are closer when the vacuum cleaner is sucking dust and other waste. So, keep them at bay.

Lack of Exposure

Once again, your dogs might not be used to the vacuum cleaner you use. How often do we use a vacuum cleaner? A few times a month? Well, that might be the possible problem. Consider using it sometimes in front of your dog. That way, the dog will be used to the vacuum cleaner. Then, the dogs won’t be scared of vacuum cleaners anymore.


Dogs have the natural fear of different things. Whether it’s a sound or smell, they become alert all of a sudden. However, vacuum cleaners suddenly makes high sound. Moreover, the movement of vacuum cleaners can be unpredictable at times.

Vacuum cleaners have many aspects which can strongly initiate a dog to attack it. Hence, it’s necessary that you make them used to the working nature of vacuum cleaners. Phobia is a thing that diminishes as time passes by. You get used to something, you don’t fear it anymore.

A Tip to Stop Dogs from Attacking a Vacuum Cleaner

Keep Your Dog Calm When Vacuum is Moving

Give attention to your dogs when the vacuum is moving. Try to cuddle them and let them go with the flow. In that way, they’ll be used to the movement of vacuum cleaners.

Another tip is to let them bark or attack a bit at first. Over the time, they’ll understand that vacuums aren’t harmful to them. Once they’re assured, there’ll be no more attacks.

Final Thoughts

So, dogs have a long list of reasons to attack vacuum cleaners. But not all dogs might have the same reason. So, at first, find the reason why your dog is barking or attacking the vacuum cleaner. That’s the main key.

Once you find the reason, try to give them some time and allow to get used to. So, the best practice is patience. Keep them with you when vacuums are in operation.

Overall, there’s no reason to worry. Dogs, by their nature will attack or bark at vacuum cleaners. Once they feel used to the device, there won’t be anymore concerns.

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