What Kind of Dyson Vacuum Do I Have

Are You Trying to Figure the Kind of Your Dyson Vacuum? 

Having a home that is neatly arranged and filled with clean, purified air contributes to a more comfortable and loving environment for you and your family. Dyson vacuum cleaners are crucial in transforming your living space into a tranquil and wholesome area.

Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Popular?

Dyson is one of the most demanding vacuum cleaners in the market. These vacuum cleaners come in a great variety that includes handheld, cordless and upright models.

The primary factors which make Dyson vacuum cleaners so popular are their fast suction technology, unique ball technology for effortless movements, and fantastic designs.

These advanced technologies help Dyson cleaners to remove all the stubborn dust particles leaving you with pleasant surroundings.

However, sometimes you may encounter bad luck when your Dyson vacuum cleaner starts showing weird signs of either troubleshooting problems or issues regarding its accessories.

For example, many consumers regularly do find difficulty while cleaning when suddenly their vacuum cleaner’s chargers don’t work, or they run out of batteries.

What to Do In This Case?

This is where the main concern arises that how to verify which model of chargers, batteries, and different accessories would be compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

Well, in order to find the best fit of accessories for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, verifying what kind of Dyson vacuum you have is significantly important.

What Kind Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Do I Have?

To identify which model of Dyson vacuum cleaners you own, the most crucial step is to find its serial number. These serials numbers are located at different places on vacuum cleaners for each model, respectively.

Why is serial number important? Well, locating the serial number will help you identify the kind of vacuum cleaner you are using. The first three digits of your vacuum’s serial number are of utmost value.

You are required to enter these digits at their official website to find out your vacuum’s model.

Various Kinds of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Since Dyson has a wide range of vacuum cleaners, not all have serial numbers at the exact same place.

Therefore, we have listed down all kinds of vacuum cleaners and how to locate their serial numbers.

1.    Handheld Vacuums: 

In handheld vacuums, you can locate serial numbers at two spots. These include;

  • Behind the filter
  • Underneath the battery pack

2.    Stick Vacuum:

To find out the serial number of stick vacuums, look for the following places;

  • At the back of the clear bin
  • At the bottom of the battery pack

3.    Cordless Vacuum:

In Dyson cordless vacuum, there are three specific places to learn about the serial number.

  • At the base of the vacuum’s battery pack
  • At the back of the dust bin
  • Behind the filter

However, ensure the dust bin is removed when locating the number at the back of the filter and dustbin, respectively.

4.    Upright Vacuum:

To locate the serial number in upright vacuum cleaners, opt for the following areas on your machine;

  • Behind the bin
  • At the base of your vacuum cleaner
  • Below the wand handle

5.    Canister Vacuum:

For canister vacuum cleaners, search for serial numbers at the below-mentioned places;

  • At the backside of the clear bin
  • At the base of the vacuum cleaner

6.    Robot Vacuum:

In Dyson Robot Vacuum cleaners, find your serial number at;

  • the back of dust bin

7.    Cylinder Barrel:

For Dyson cylinder barrel vacuums, locate serial numbers at the following locations;

  • At the base of the vacuum, where the wheels are
  • At the back of the dust bag on the vacuum’s body

Once you are done locating your Dyson Vacuum’s serial number, visit their website and enter the initial three digits of the serial number. After entering the numbers, you will immediately recognize what kind of Dyson vacuum you own.

Let’s go through some of the important questions which you may have on your mind;

How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?

Well, the stability and better performance of every machine depend on how well you look after it. The same goes for vacuum cleaners too.

Generally, Dyson vacuum cleaners last for ten years. However, taking good care and regular maintenance are the key factors for it to work efficiently for a long time.

Can I Let My Dyson Vacuum On Charge Always?

Yes, the Dyson vacuum can be left on charge all day. These vacuums batteries are designed in such a way that leaving them on charge around the clock will not have any negative impacts on your machine.

Additionally, using a full charge vacuum after every use overall improves the algorithm’s accuracy.

How often do I clean my Dyson Vacuum?

It is recommended to clean Dyson Vacuum once a month. However, if you want to prolong the life of your machine, cleaning it weekly will not be a bad idea.

How Frequently Should I Replace My Dyson Filter? 

Replacing Dyson vacuum’s filter mostly depends on how much it has been used. In addition, if your vacuum cleaner is doing a tough job cleaning dirty floors, changing the filter every year is recommended.

Moreover, this time may shorten depending on how often you use your vacuum and how filthy the floors are.

How to Maintain Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

Well, the critical factor for your machine’s maintenance is cleaning it once or twice a month or sometimes more often. Here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Unplug your vacuum machine.
  2. Clean the dust canister by pressing the “bin release” button.
  3. Carefully remove the vacuum’s filter and clean it with water.
  4. Properly clean the vacuum brush. Make sure no hair or debris is stuck with it.
  5. Unclog your vacuum’s hose.
  6. Clean the exterior of your machine with the help of a slightly damp cloth.

Bottom Line

Dyson vacuum cleaner is every consumer’s top choice to consider. Fast and amazing cleaning technology has made it the most preferred vacuum cleaner brand.

However, verifying your Dyson vacuum’s kind is significantly important when you run into sudden technical problems. On the other hand, whether your vacuum’s charger is not working or its battery has stopped, there is no need to worry now.

Just follow the guidelines as mentioned above to identify the type of your cleaner and get the best accessory for your Dyson vacuum.

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