How to Pull a Vacuum on a Car Ac

Learning How to Pull a Vacuum on a Car Ac

It’s quite necessary to know how to pull a vacuum on a car Ac. Well, it’s not too technical, but, you certainly need some knowledge for pulling a vacuum on a car ac. You car ac might need to have vacuum inside it. But, is it costly or too technical? Well, it’s not. Our article will provide you the simplest way to pull vacuum on Car Ac.

Moreover, you’ll also learn how long to vacuum and pull it on a car ac. Overall, it’ll be a diverse discussion as we’ll move towards the end of the article.

How to Vacuum Ac System in Your Car?

Well, let’s learn in short about the vacuum pump in general. It is such a device that you can use it to produce a vacuum or space inside the air conditioning system of your Car Ac. It’s easy to do it. But, the important thing to remember is to turn of the engine before doing anything. Also, better if you don’t attach vacuum directly.

First things first. It’s better to attach the gauge set on the vacuum pump. Then, ensure that it’s connected on the low pressure part of the system. At that point, you’ll find that the vacuum has started to accumulated in the gauge, specifically in the middle part. Then the vacuum pump will be turned off automatically, but the already created vacuum will still be there.

However, suppose, you attach the pump to the AC directly, the vacuum won’t longer as soon as you detach the pump from the AC.

How to Pull Vacuum on Car AC?

Now, let’s talk about in details about the steps to pull vacuum on a car ac. In total, we’ve got eight different steps to do so. Our process will let you run a fully charged AC and will let the AC work at higher capacity than you can imagine.

Identify High and Low Side Ports Service 

So, take your car on a surface that is flat. Turn off the engine and use the emergency break for the parking link. It’s better if you use safety materials like gloves and eye protector before starting anything. So, now you can go ahead with vacuuming the system.

Now make sure the expansion valve , and the port on the upper side are inline. It should be between the condenser tube and lower side. At that point, when the lower side will evaporate, it’ll return to the line in between the express.

Preparing the Gauge Set

For vacuuming the car ac, you need to connect the entire ac system to high and low pressure side ports. It’s due to vacuuming and recharging. So, a gauge set will let you do that.

The connections should be tight and there should not be issues of any leak. Moreover, the most important thing is to ensure that there’s no leak in the valve.

There’s a blue valve indicating the low pressure as opposed to the red valve indicating the high pressure of the valve system. So, keep this information in mind.

The Gauges to The System Connected

Connecting the gauge set to the system is quite necessary. Identifying the service port is the next task along with picking up the connector ring, Then, you can attach the gauge with the port. The bottom valve will open once the blue valve screw rotates in the inward position.

Take the Gauge Readings

It’s important that you take the gauge readings accordingly on the both high and low pressure sides. Once, the valve is closed, make sure there’s no pressure to apply on the valve system.

Connect the Vacuum Pump

Now, we’ve come to the main part. It’s time to connect the vacuum pump with the center hose. It should be done from the yellow gauge set. Then, you can turn on the system to remove any type of air from the system.

We do this way to ensure to keep the Ac compressor greased up to the point.

Vacuum the System

Now that you’ve connected the vacuum pump, it’s time to open the low side valve. As soon as the gauge needle will move towards the vacuum. Then, the pump can and will start producing vacuuming all over the system. Then, you can open the valve and as a result, the air will come out of the system.

If you keep the pump on for thirty or so minutes, it’s time turn the low valve and the pump off accordingly.

 Charge the Air Conditioner System

So, you can finally oven the cage valve. So that, it can produce liquid refrigerant on the valves. This will charge the AC system finally. As a result, the Ac will be charged with faster speed.

Remove the Hose from The Vacuum Pump

Now that your AC has been charged, it’s time to remove the hose from the vacuum pump. Gradually, you can disconnect all the gauge set and continue with your fully charged AC system.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that with around seven to eight steps, you can easily do the trick of pulling a vacuum on a car ac. All you need to do is to prepare the gauge set and take the readings accordingly. Finally, you can just go ahead and connect the vacuum to complete the process of vacuuming your car ac.

However, if you aren’t sure about anything, it’s better if you make some expert do the job for you with ultimate ease and precision. Remember that, if you find anything technical, it’s better to seek help of someone who can do the job for you. Protection Status
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