How to Vacuum Pack Pillows at Home

How to Vacuum Pack Pillows at Home and Everything You Need to Know

Packing your pack of pillows at home could be an alarming task if you do not know the exact way to do it. Some people try things out, knowing whether or not it is performing successfully.

Pillow is one of the goods that needs considerable careful and accurate preservation at your home because of how soft and tender the thing is. Unlike other home belongings, pillows are easily damaged if not treated well by their homeowners.

The good news is, pillows are lightweight and have a fluffy texture, making them flexible to carry around your home. Leave no burden and no harm to anyone who has it.

The bad news is, while it is effortless to carry, packing pillows need methods and alternatives to make them neat. One of the easy ways to tidy your pack of pillows is by using vacuum storage bags.

Vacuuming has always been a great way to clean every dirt, dust, debris, and other small dirty particles lying down on the surfaces of your furniture. And we could also effectively implement this method to compress pack pillows.

A vacuum storage bag has helped compress your pack pillows. So having one vacuum storage bag hugely facilitates the process for a better outcome.

Before I mention the following steps, you must first have the vacuum storage bag itself. If you already have it, then we can proceed to further explanations on how to vacuum pack of pillows at home.

What Do You Need To Do?

The first thing you need to prepare is a garbage bag or any vacuum storage bag available and a vacuum cleaner with a completely attached hose. You could use any kind of garbage bag or vacuum storage bag, but we prefer you choose the one that is convenient and hard to shred.

Once you have those two possessions at your hand, fill in the bag with your pack pillows. After you have inserted the pack pillows inside the bag, the next thing you should do is your two hands at the top of the bag gripping the bag firmly.

Most bags would likely have a line mark which indicates a maximum fill you could store inside the bags. So preferably put your pack pillows into the bottom of the bag and under its line. You then have to slide the zipper to fully close the bags.

All done and you are ready to stick the hose to suck the air out from the bag. Before running the vacuuming process, you must understand what kind of pack pillows you bought. Is it the type of feather and down pillows? Or synthetic pillows type?

Knowing the type of pillows you have is crucial for the detail you are about to perform in the latter. Those will affect the pack pillows’ quality if done with mistakes. Double-check again and again, with the hope that everything is going to be alright.

Voila! We have arrived at the last step. At this process, insert your vacuum cleaner which is already attached with a hose into the vacuum store bag hole, activate the vacuum so it will suck the air out from the bag.

Last but not least, zip the bag again to close the bag. And that is how to vacuum pack pillows at home you need to know.

What Will Happen If You Did It Wrong?

The mistakes will strongly impact your pillows. To explain this, the compression you do at 100% or more to the feather and down pillows will deal a huge amount of damage to the feathers. It will lose its ability to insulate and is more likely to turn back to its original form again.

Most recommendations will tell you to vacuum out the 50% of the air in the bag for the feather and down pillows. Do this and you would be more likely to avoid the damage. Still, if you are unsure about the process, go and talk to your pack pillows manufacturer for extra explanations.

The synthetic pillows are usually safer to compress rather than feather and down pillows. Making it the most favorable substitute for the feather and down pillows.

However, if you are in doubt if the pillow would break and shed, please, consider contacting your pillow manufacturer for further information. Be wise with every action you take concerning your pillow.

Why Vacuum Your Pack Pillows?

Vacuuming your pack pillows in a vacuum storage bag is an effective approach you can do to save up your home space. It also secures your home belongings, especially your pillows, so they would not get damaged when you are moving.

It keeps everything neat at your home, decluttering and minimizing your living space, making things more organized than before. Pillows can be easily stored under the bed when unused.

Is Vacuuming Can Be Applicable for Every Home Belongings?

Please note that pillows are soft and flexible, so they are convenient things to carry and keep around. Its fluffy texture has been able to match with every place space it is stored. For instance, you can also save pillows inside of a box, without having to worry it will tear apart.

As for differences with hard goods such as glass, plates, or jars. You need to find other methods for safely removing or storing them elsewhere. Wrong in storing the hard goods could cause them to break and tear apart since we know we categorize them as fragile belongings.

Not that I forbid you to vacuum your glass, plates, or jar, but logically speaking, you should have known if we must put some things in their intended place.

Is This Method Good To Use?

The answer depends on your preference and experience. Many said that the method used to keep and secure your pack pillows by vacuuming is an effective and straightforward way to apply. But keep in mind, you must know the details of your pillow’s components for this method to be successfully implemented. Protection Status
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