How To Make A Vacuum Pump With An Air Compressor

An air compressor and a vacuum belong to the same system. If you have an air compressor and you want to convert it instead of buying a vacuum pump, then you’ve come to the right place. So how to make a vacuum pump with an air compressor?

The work of both the air compressor and the vacuum pump is the same. Both suck in air from outside. In this article, we will tell you the method of making a vacuum pump with a compressor and how easy it can be done. So keep reading this article to know the exact process of converting an air compressor to a vacuum pump.

How To Make A Vacuum Pump With An Air Compressor

Since the process of a compressor and vacuum pump is the same, we will use a common function. And an air compressor can easily make a vacuum pump through some customary modifications. This will allow you to do all the vacuum-related work and also save some money. Even you will be able to use this machine again as an air compressor.

Building a vacuum pump with an air compressor is not rocket science. So for this, you must follow some steps. Before following the steps, you need to maintain some necessary safety tips. Because this is a mechanical task and safety is above all. They are as follows:

Safety Instructions

  • Make sure to wear hand gloves before starting work
  • Don’t forget to wear eye protector glass or something else
  • Before starting work, make sure that there is no electrical connection. If so, turn it off.
  • Choose a clean place to make the work easier
  • Make sure you get the right diameter with the right type of hose. This is pretty crucial.
  • You should use a hose clamp to make sure the connection is strong enough
  • Use steel-filled epoxy in terms of sealing properly
  • Check that all parts of the air compressor are properly assembled after finishing all the work inside the machine

Required Equipment

Necessary equipment comes after safety instruction. The first step in making a vacuum pump from an air compressor is to assemble the tools. If there is a short of a necessary tool in it, work interruption may occur.

  • Nippers
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Hose Clamp
  • Steel-filled epoxy
  • ¼ inches hose barb
  • Few feet braided PVC hose pipe and also a dimeter of ¼ inches
  • Double hand gloves
  • Eye protector

After taking the equipment, let’s go deeper into the real work. Here are the steps to make a perfect vacuum pump with an air compressor step by step.

Step 1: Know The Air Compressor

Whenever it comes to changing or modifying a machine, it is important to know it well. So you need to know all about the air compressor and its details. The best way to do this is to read the manual book that comes with the machine. Because it has the necessary process to know how to open the air compressor.

Besides, not all compressor models are the same. So it is normal that the process of opening them will not be the same. Opening the machine can be a bit difficult and time-consuming for you if you do not master the setting of the parts well.

To open the air compressor, pinch the back cap with the help of nippers. This method is usually used to open most compressors. If it is not possible to open your compressor this way, remove it according to the user manual. You can see the motor pump of the machine when you remove the cap. Then find out where the cylinder is. However, the cylinder is under or around the motor pump.

Step 2: Include The Vacuum Hose

After finding the cylinder in your air compressor, include the vacuum hose. When attaching the vacuum hose, make sure that it is 1/4 inch. Then all you have to do is take a steel-filled epoxy and use it to seal the cylinder. Then add the hose barb.

Now leave it in this position for a whole day so that it attaches properly and strongly. After 24 hours, carefully check whether the vacuum hose is connected properly or not. If so, get ready for the next step. And if the host is not connected, leave it for one more day or try to connect again.

Step 3: Include The PVS Hose Pipe With The Barb

Next, include a 1/4 inch PVC hose with a vacuum hose and use the camp for safety. Using a hose clamp keeps it tight which helps to keep it out of any unwanted situation. This hose clamp is used for safety purposes and you can avoid that if you can ensure that it fits properly. However, we would recommend you to use it since you are not a professional.

Step 4: Create A Hole In The Case With A Perforating Machine

When attaching the PVC hose to the vacuum hose, create a hole for an easy and safe passage. Create this hole on the case based on the vacuum diameter. In this case, use nippers so that air can bypass the hole. If you can come this far without any problems then your work is almost at an end.

Step 5: Parallel The Air Compressor

The work of making your vacuum pump goes almost to the last part. Now there is only one job left. That is parallel to your air compressor. This is basically the reverse process of step 1. Now your vacuum pump is fully ready to provide service.

How To Use A Vacuum Pump While Keeping Safety?

There is no substitute for regular operation and maintenance for the safe use of vacuum pumps. To do this, take care of all the cords before you use the vacuum pump and check for any defects. Another thing is to refrain from using any kind of solid solvent that is currently being developed for the vacuum pump. Also, use the correct belt guard during the operation and check that the tube is OK before starting the pump each time.


Finally, we are assuming that you have learned the formula to create a vacuum from an air compressor by following the above process. It is very simple and easy that you can do it yourself. In order to get the job done effectively, you need to make a pre-preparation and just follow the procedure in step form. Protection Status
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