How to get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose?

How to get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose?

Oh no! a sock got stuck in my vacuum? How am I supposed to do vacuuming now? Why is it whining so loud? Why the motor feels heavy? These are the questions that arise in your mind when your vacuum is sucked in a sock or something. Sock clogging is one of the most occurred incidents in every household that uses vacuum cleaners to clean their home sweet homes. Now yo want to remove sock from your vacuum cleaner.

Signs that your vacuum hose is clogged with a Sock

When you try to vacuum under the sofa or bed, it sucks something it is not supposed to suck. It can be a cloth, paper, or a sock. Well, if your vacuum has eaten a sock, here is how you can get a sock out of a your vacuum cleaner.

As part of their daily routine, those familiar with vacuum cleaning know how an unclogged vacuum sounds. Here are signs that indicate clogging in your vacuum cleaner.

  • Your vacuum cleaner whine louder than usual
  • You will feel that the motor is trying hard to work
  • Overloading and exertion is imminent

Dos and Don’ts when vacuum hose got clogged

Now that somehow your vacuum cleaner is blocked by a sock, here are the things you should do first

Step by step guide to removing sock out of a vacuum hose

Let me help you in removing the sock out of the suction hose through this step-by-step guide. There is no rocket science in cleaning the house. Follow the guidelines as being told, and you can easily do this job. So let’s do the unclogging job.

Step one for removing sock

First thing first, unplug the vacuum cleaner to break the current flow. Detach the suction hose from the vacuum by following the instructions given in the user manual.

Step 2

for removing sock

Look into the hose pipe to check if the sock is near to end of the hose or not. Try to reach the sock with your fingers and pull it out as much as possible if it is near the hose end. If not possible to pull out by hand, you can also use a wire coat hanger for fishing the sock out of the hose pipe. If the sock is clogged deeper into the hose, flex the pipe, dislodge the hose and then pull the sock out.

Step 3 for removing sock

Spread a newspaper or use a garbage bag to collect the debris. Place the vacuum on the floor on its side and bottom on the newspaper or inside the garbage bag. Take the cover off of the bottom. If required, unscrew the bolts that hold the cover in position.

Step 4 for cleaning vacuum hose

Unfast the belt of the vacuum cleaner and the brush roll. Pull the sock out from the place at the rear of the brush roll.

Step 5 for removing sock

Once done, reassemble the vacuum, placing the belt and brush roll back in position. Put the cover back on the bottom of the cleaner. Discard the debris-filled garbage bag.

Million-Dollar Advice:

Before you unscrew the vacuum parts, refer to the manual guide first. This is because not every vacuum model functions the same. Brands believe in indifference, and that’s what makes them stand out. So it might be possible that your vacuum cleaner’s unassembling methods would be different from the one in your sister’s house. Always study the reader’s manual that comes with the machine at the time of purchase. Keep it in a safe place so that when needed, you don’t end up missing it.

How to Clean a Vacuum Hose?

Apart from removing any obstacle to prevent blockage, you should also know how to clean the hose. Cleaning the hose ensures the long-lasting efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Here is another little bunch of guidelines on hose cleaning. It’s so simple to do just in 4 easy steps.

  1. To begin cleaning, detaching is the first step. untie the hose from the vacuum cleaner
  2. Remove the clumps and clogged debris from the hose. To do this, perform washing.
  3. Use a bottle cleaning brush for better results.
  4. Rinse it well with water and subject to dry.

Tips for Unclogging the Central Vacuum Hose System:

Sometimes hose and other parts of the vacuum cleaner are working fine but still, you feel something is wrong with the machine. Well, maybe the central vacuum system is out of efficiency. The reason can be clogging. Clogging in this area can affect the efficiency of the machine severely. So keeping a check on this system will save you from more damage. Here is how you can perform unclogging in the central vacuum system.

  1. Find the dirt canister at the bottom of the unit and empty it
  2. Put facial tissues in front of the valve located at each wall.
  3. Now, manually turn the switch off located on the side.
  4. If the reverse suction of the wet-dry vacuum did not work, run a plumber’s snake through the wall valve.

I hope these simple tips will help you in the unclogging process of your vacuum.

Bottom Line:

Whether you use your vacuum daily or weekly, keeping a check on all parts of the machine is imperative. Before cleaning your apartment or house, make sure you collect all the things that can cause clogging from the floor. Check under your bedside and couch. Objects like socks, wrappers, paper can be sucked n by the vacuum. It works on prevention is better than cure principle. If you pay attention to these objects before vacuuming, this will save you from a lot of trouble later on.

Keep a check on the suction hose. Make sure debris doesn’t remain stuck inside the pipe because your machine is in danger if it is. Dirt, clogging can reduce the vacuum’s efficiency. It can also lessen the motor power because, in clogging, the motor has to exert more power and force to perform its job. So keep unclogging, keep cleaning. Protection Status
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