How To Clean A Smelly Vacuum Hose

Ways To Clean A Smelly Vacuum Hose

Do you know ways How To Clean A Smelly Vacuum Hose? The hose is a fundamental piece of a vacuum cleaner, without it; your vacuum cleaner is futile. The cylinder takes a beating each time you clean your home and works the hardest to get dirt and garbage around the house. 

Cleaning within a vacuum hose and outside is regularly an undertaking that is neglected and ought to be essential for your normal cleaning. If you don’t, it gets messy, and over the long run, the hose might become hindered. 

An impeded hose can cause numerous issues like an abatement in attractions. A foul hose, extinguishes dust all over the place and makes a terrible sound. 

That is the reason we will tell you the best way to clean the hose of a vacuum cleaner in four simple tasks. We incorporate what device to utilize, how to dispose of a disagreeable smell in the hose, and clean it. 

Stage 1: Turn Off The Smelly Vacuum 

Before you start with any cleaning undertaking of an electrical machine, including a vacuum cleaner, it is in every case best to ensure that you first switch it off.

Stage 2: Detach And Dislodge To Clean A Smelly Vacuum Hose

Regardless of whether you need to unclog a Shark, Bissell, Hoover, Miele, Dyson, Black and Decker vacuum, they will all work pretty much something similar. Separate the hose from the vacuum cleaner by either turning it to slacken it or squeezing a button.

Peruse the manual in case you are uncertain of how to separate the hose from a particular kind or model of vacuum cleaner. 

When the vacuum cleaner’s hose is separated, spread the hose out straight on the ground on certain papers or plastic.

This should be large enough to get the dirt held up inside the tubing. If you can see the garbage on the finish of the hose, take a stab at eliminating it with your fingers. If not, take the brush or mop handle and tenderly slide it through the whole length of the hose

On the off chance that the brush or mop handle is halted by something en route, then, at that point, there is a stuck thing in the vacuum hose. Hope to check whether you can perceive what is there; maybe there’s a sock caught in the vacuum hose

Stage 3: Wash, Rinse, And Dry A Smelly Vacuum Hose

Make the most of this chance to wipe out the vacuum hose appropriately. The chance is to wash, flush, and pass on the hose to dry out and out before rejoining it to the vacuum cleaner once more. 

  • Washing The Hose 

There are numerous techniques for what to clean stopped up dust assortment pipe with, yet they all incorporate utilizing a tub or sink loaded up with heated water. Concerning what to use to wash it: 

  • Utilize a few drops of fluid dish cleanser with a cap loaded up with fade 
  • Gentle cleanser 

To begin with, wash the outside of the hose in the lathery arrangement water; you can likewise utilize the material to get difficult dirt off specific spaces of the hose. To wash within the hose, whirl the hose around in the water, and afterwards hold it up in a “U shape,” catching some water inside. Place one hand on each finish to shut the water from coming out. Shake the hose from one side to another to clean it. 

  • Flush The Hose 

Flush the hose by running clean water straightforwardly into the hose and permit the water to go through the length of the hose and out the opposite end. Ensure you have washed all the cleanser from both within the hose and outwardly. 

  • Leave The Vacuum Cleaner Hose To Dry

Whenever you have flushed the hose and have depleted the overabundant water off, pass on it to dry. Balance it over a railing or some likeness thereof for four to eight hours with the goal that it can dry the all-around altogether. 

Stage 4: Re-Append A Smelly Vacuum Hose

When the hose has been cleaned, washed, and it has dried inside and out, you can rejoin the hose to the vacuum cleaner once more. Then, at that point, proceed with your assignment of vacuuming your home with an unclogged and clean hose. 


Cleaning within a vacuum hose is regularly a neglected undertaking to do until the vacuum cleaner extinguishes dust. The reason is by and large because the hose has soil, trash, and surprisingly different things, for example, socks held up inside the tubing. The most ideal way is to oust the dirt with a broomstick, then, at that point, wash, flush, and dry the hose before utilizing it again to vacuum. Protection Status
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