How to Quiet a Shop Vacuum

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Shop vacs are essential for your house or workshop but it is compelling and portable and noisy as well.  You may often ask yourself a question about how to quiet a shop vacuum. The answer may amaze you as you can make your shop vacuum less noisy but keep in mind one hing that a powerful machine like a shop vacuum cannot be soundproofed completely. When you go to a shop to wash your car, the shop vacuum does an excellent job cleaning the interior of vehicles. That’s why we recommend using a shop vacuum. 

All shop vac have one common issue: the loud voice of vacuum, which is not good. The voice is as loud as the voice of an airplane taking off. Precisely when this vacuum is used inside the garage.

If we ignore the echo of shop vac vacuum is very helpful. You can easily clean the garage or home using a shop vacuum. In this article, we will explain how to quiet a shop vacuum? What is the optimum level of noise and many more related to the topic? So keep reading and get information.

Here Is How to Quiet a Shop Vacuum

There are different techniques to make your shop vacuum quitter.

Longer Hose

Air blowing out from hose or exhaust port reason of generating noise in shop vacuum. If you increase the length of the hose pipe increase, then the machine staying farther away will decrease some sound.

Clean Air Filter

Keep the air filter clean, so it doesn’t take so hard for a motor to move the air, thus reducing the sound.

Remove the Clog

If you want that your shop vacuum becomes quieter try to clean your vacuum, by removing the clog and debris inside the filter that cause more noise.

Use Router Speed Controller

The controller helps to lower the sound and also lower the power draw. It al depletes suction. 

Sound Enclosure Shop Vacuum

If the cabinet is completely insulated, it will help to quiet the vacuum. At the same time, you are making the cabinet keep in mind that your vacuum must need some air to remain calm.

Purchase Vacuum Muffler

To decrease the noise of your vacuum, tries to purchase or make a muffler for your vacuum. 

Use Your Vacuum in an Open Area

Use your vacuum in the outdoor or spacy area to reduce the noise and mess in your building. You can install a remote or indoor switch quickly, but it also requires a source of ventilation.

Use Shop Vacuum Silencer

You can install a silencer for the shop vacuums in the exhaust. These silencers help to cut the noise and stop escaping debris. Shop vacuum must clean on a regular basis. Here are the three best mufflers or silencers for your shop vacuum.

Ridgid VT2525 2.5 Inch Muffler

Ridgid muffler comes with an adaptor and is different for different models with an exhaust port—the muffler help to stop the debris from blowing out and decrease the noise as well. 

CRAFTSMAN 38660 2-1/2-inch Muffler Diffuser

This muffler can easily connect with the exhaust port to quiet the sound. It works in dry as well as wet models. It will help to lessen the noise from 10%

Dont think 10% is low as 10% means an 86db decrease in sound.

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Muffler Diffuser WS25025A

This muffler consists of a 2.5″ discharge port and has a locking tab that can hold it in a place. This muffler decreases the air noise and catches dirt and debris.

The Best Quiet Shop Vacs

When you purchase a vacuum, you need to consider some facts, but noise level and suction power are most important. Also, it would help if you had a shop vacuum that is inexpensive with good lift and pulls. A quiet vacuum may cost more but have a good warranty. Here is the list of top vacuum you should buy:

  • Festool CT 26 HEPA Dust Extractor
  • Nilfisk ALTO Aero Wet/Dry
  •  Makita VC4210L Wet/Dry Vacuum 
  • FEIN Turbo II
  • Festool CT SYS Mobile HEPA Dust Extractor
  • Vacmaster Wall Mountable and with Remote Control
  • Ridgid WD1450 Wet/Dry
  • DEWALT DXV10P Quiet Poly Wet Dry

Shop Vacuum Maintenance and Cleaning

The best vacuum should last for decades if it is appropriately cleaned and maintained as well. If you follow the instructions of the project, it may be a good start. The filter is the fundamental reason to make the noise rise. A dry filter is designed to be reused. These vacuums are more expensive, but it’s worth it. Different manufacturers tell about the various method to clean the filter.

 Some need to brush, some need water to clean, and other need to shake. Suppose your vacuum needs to shake for cleaning dry it well before reusing. Otherwise, dust will clog to the vacuum and be stuck with other machine parts by mixing with water. 

Noise Levels

Let us tell you the unique facts about noise. A tranquil room has 40db noise. Turning on TV or radio bumps the voice at 70 db. The noisy level of voice is about 75db. The average shop vacuum has a voice of almost 55-70 db. Some shop vacuums have a terrible noise level of almost 90db. You should wear protective gear on your ears while using such vacuums. Shop vacuums are louder than standard household vacuums.

Types Of Vacuums

There are different types of vacuum present in the market, you should choose the best one while purchasing your vacuum. Here is the list of different types of vacuums.

  • Wet Dry vacuum
  • Cordless
  • Wall-mounted
  • Canister made of plastic or stainless


A shop vac is a crucial tool for a garage or workshop. While purchasing your vacuum, check Amps, CFM, db, and then look at the price. If you don’t know about this information, check the post or reviews on a specific product. I hope you find this article helpful. If you want to know more about vacuums, keep visiting our website. Protection Status
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