Do Kirby Vacuum Bags Contain Fiberglass


With the diminished inventory and expanded interest for N95 masks, many individuals have depended on elective techniques for insurance. One technique specifically, is utilizing vacuum cleaner packs as face assurance. Along these lines, many pose the inquiry of whether vacuum cleaner packs contain fibreglass or not. 

Do Vacuum Cleaner Packs Contain Fibreglass

No, vacuum cleaner packs don’t contain fibreglass. HEPA channel vacuum sacks are produced using melt-blown polypropylene material known for its filtration effectiveness.

Many vacuum bag makers have additionally expressed that their vacuum bags don’t have nor contain fibreglass. 

This fascinating point came up because of a viral video from a specialist in London, expressing that vacuum cleaner packs are produced using ‘glass microfiber’ that can harm the human respiratory framework

  1. How It All Began 

Things being what they are, how did this fantasy come to be? In 2013, as a feature of a wide report on calamity readiness, Cambridge University led a review on conceivable handcrafted masks instead of careful covers. The outcomes show that specific materials were not on par with careful masks, but rather they were better compared to nothing. 

In the Cambridge Study, a scope of normal materials was tried along with the material from careful covers.

The rundown of materials incorporate scarves, cotton shirts, and all the more quiet, vacuum cleaner packs. These materials were then contrasted and careful masks as far as adequacy. 

What they found was that vacuum cleaner packs were ONLY roughly 4% less viable as far as filtration than careful veils, contrasted with customary cotton shirts, that were around 40% less successful as far as filtration than careful covers. 

As per the information above, vacuum cleaner sacks have comparable filtration productivity to careful veils. 

This information began flowing the web amidst the pandemic and turned out to be exceptionally significant. It made an enormous spike popular for HEPA vacuum cleaner packs. A great many volunteers made ad-libbed defensive gear with vacuum sacks to help other people and stay aware of the interest for facemasks. 

This is the place where it gets fascinating: Many individuals began to contemplate whether vacuum sacks have fibreglass or not after a few recordings had circulated the web from people outside the vacuum cleaner industry.

It includes a specialist from London (Simon Freilich), who had expressed that vacuum cleaner packs contain or have fibreglass. 

One hypothesis recommends that these people might have felt that the vacuum sacks were made out of a similar material as vehicle channels, or a few kinds of heater or HVAC channels, which might contain fibreglass.

Nonetheless, this is bogus. Any reasonable person would agree that vacuum packs don’t and have not at any point contained microfibers or fibreglass. 

  1. What Are Vacuum Cleaner Bags Made Of

All in all, what are vacuum cleaner packs made of? Most HEPA vacuum cleaner sacks are made of liquefying blown polypropylene material, which is otherwise called soften blown or dissolve blown material. 

HEPA vacuum cleaner sacks are produced using melt-blown texture, a similar material used to make careful facemasks. 

As indicated by this FDA recording and this CDC documenting. Liquefy blown is the most productive approach to make an exceptionally effective media channel.

The crude material utilized in this interaction is a thermo-plastic manufactured material. Note that the soften blown interaction is the very cycle that is utilized to make N95 masks. 

HEPA represents High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing. This just implies that it is intended to channel particles from the air. 

  1. Do HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags Have Fiberglass

We should answer it unequivocally. HEPA vacuum cleaner packs have not ever and don’t contain fibreglass.

Fabric HEPA vacuum cleaner packs are made to offer the most elevated level of insurance and filtration accessible and are produced using melt-blown polypropylene material. This material has prevalent filtration properties. 

Most would agree that HEPA vacuum cleaner sacks don’t and have not at any point contained microfibers or fibreglass. 

The primary reason for HEPA filtration vacuum cleaner sacks is to forestall harmful particles, residue, trash, and microorganisms from returning into the air.

These vacuum packs have been prescribed by specialists to individuals who have lung or hypersensitivity issues.

So, the possibility that they can harm the human respiratory framework is peculiar. 

EnviroCare Technologies

EnviroCare Technologies, as perhaps the greatest brand in vacuum cleaner sacks and channels, have posted an on-point reaction on their Facebook page, expressing openly that their items don’t contain fibreglass.

They have likewise expressed that their HEPA or Allergen filtration vacuum packs are an extraordinary option for facemasks. 

Other notable brands like Hoover and Kirby have expressed that none of the vacuum packs contains fibreglass. 


What’s more, the writing is on the wall, a thorough breakdown of the response to: do vacuum cleaner packs have or contain fibreglass?

Presently that we’ve busted the fantasy encompassing vacuum sacks. You can experience the harmony of psyche realizing that it’s nearly pretty much as powerful as careful veils as far as filtration. Protection Status
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