Should I Backwash After Vacuuming Pool

Learn Should I Backwash After Vacuuming Pool

While backwashing is good, a question- should I backwash after vacuuming pool comes to your mind. Well, we’ll provide the answer today. But what if you want to backwash while you vacuum the pool? No, it’s not good to do it while you’re vacuuming the pool.

But, we certainly agree on doing the backwash after you’re done with vacuuming the pool. In that way, the cleaning is more effective. However, the filter will catch and remove any debris that were not possible to clean while vacuuming. So, it’s also necessary to clean the filter or rinse it after the backwashing operation.

So, that’s all for the initial talks. Next, we’ll start talking about how to backwash the pool filter and its different steps.

Backwashing Your Pool Filter

Turn the Filters Switch to Off Mode

At first, find the switch of the pool filter. It can be around the pressure gauge. You need to switch off. Next, you need to find the multiport valve and backwash the filter. If you do not move the multiport valve, there’re chances of breaking or deforming the gasket which resides inside the valve.

  • So, you have a pressure gauge right? If the reading is 10 psi or above, it’s just fine. You can then go ahead and set the filter to backwash it. One good practice is to follow the user manual and clean the filter’s pool as needed.

Connect Backwash Hose with the Nozzel (Using Hose Clamp)

Connecting the hose with the nozzel will require a hose clamp. One end of the hose clamp should be at the end of hose and the other over the nozzle. Screw tight the connection and make sure they’re strongly connected. In this way, you’ll be safe from a failed cleaning operation.

Backwashing the filter system creates a water pressure at the highest level. Hence, it’s better that you ensure the hose and the nozzle are tightly connected. If the connections loses, there’ll be water spills and the cleaning won’t be perfect. Insted, the dirty water spills will make the environment more messy.

Multiport Valve to the Filter Position

Remember, we’ve talked about the multiport valve? It’s on the filter system. Now, move it to the backwash position. You’ll find the labelling of backwash. This is done so that filter will allow us to drain the dirty water with the help of the backwash nozzle. So, do this before you start the backwashing task.

Once again, make sure the filter’s switch is off. It’s the first step before you start moving the multiport valve and do other tasks. Otherwise, it can very well damage the filter system.

Turn on Filter to Allow Water Flow

This step is quite simple. It’s time to turn the filter’s switch back to the “On” state. Then, you’ll find the water flow in sight. As soon as the water flows, you should observe until the flow of clear and clean water.

So, in that way you can understand you’re done with the backwashing task. However, there’re few more steps.

Turn Filter Off and Start Rinsing

So, swithc off the filters switch. So, turning the multiport valve to rinse position is now the next task.

In that way if there’s any remaining dirt or waste, all will be cleared accordingly. In this way, make sure you repeat the steps for 2-3 times more. It’s a bit lengthy, but it’s necessary for clear operation.

If you continue each cycle for 30 seconds to 1 minute, you can very wel see the water crystal clear.

Finishing the Backwash after Vacuuming Pool

It’s time to switch the filter off and, and setting the multiport valve. Then, turn the filter on once again. This way, the rinse operation is completed. Then, you can go ahead and use the pool again.

This time the pressure gauge readings will be regular and perfect.

Can You Backwash a Pool While Vacuuming?

Well, it’s not recommended. But, you can do it of course. Then there’ll be chances of mixing of clear and dirty water. To do it, you need vacuum the pool as usual when you backwash it. But, the pool will be cleaned, althought, the dirt and other waste will most certainly come back to the pool.

There’s a option on “recirculate on the multiport valve with filter option. But, it’s not good to vacuum the pool while on the recircualte mode. It’s always better to do the backwash operation after you’re done with vacuuming operation. Once you do this, you can see clear flow of water to the pool again.

But, again, there might be a confusion on what settings the filter needs to be on when you vacuum the pool. It’s simple, the settings should be on filter postion. This will let the unclean water to go through the backwash position and flush it out of the pool. So, that’s how backwashing should be followed.

Final Thoughts

Well, after a long discussion, we’re there at the end. It seems backwashing the pool is a great way to keep clean flow of water in your favorite pool. But, the backwashing is best done when you’re completely done with the vacuuming operation of the pool. That way, you can ensure proper pool cleaning operation.

Backwashing techiques are the best to clean a pool. But, remember to avoid doing it while you’re vacuuming. After you vacuum, you’ll see the water is dirty from the vacuum residue. At that time, you need to do the backwash to flush the dirty water out of the pool system.

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