How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Chicken Last in The Fridge?

Vacuum sealing is a widely popular technique to preserve the quality of food. Vacuum sealing means removing all the air inside the package and then sealing it. As there is no air, the rate of spoiling decreases significantly. That is why a lot of food now arrives in vacuum-sealed packages.  If you are wondering how long does vacuum sealed chicken last in the fridge, you have arrived at the right place.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know how long you can put the vacuum-sealed chicken in the freeze. We will discuss the possible duration for both cooked and raw chickens. Along with that, we will let you know the correct procedure of vacuum sealing to get the best outcome. Check out the article for all this information.

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Chicken Last in The Fridge?

How long the vacuum-sealed chicken will be okay depends on several factors. It will vary based on the type of chicken, the quality of the vacuum bag you are using, and the freshness of the chicken before you seal it. You might already know that the chicken is very gangrenous. It means it doesn’t require much time to start rotting. If you put the raw cut chicken meats outside, they will start rotting within a few hours (around 2 to 4 hours).

The same thing goes for the cooked meals, although this one will require a bit more time. To extend the shelf life, the vacuum sealing technique can be the best solution for you. As there is little to no oxygen inside the bag, the growth of the things like bacteria and mold slow down which also prevents rotting faster. As per several sources, the vacuum-sealed meat can last up to 14 days or two weeks in the fridge.

When you put the meat directly in the fridge, it can get moist easily which accelerates the growth of mold and bacteria. The faster these things grow, the quicker the rotting will. By vacuum sealing, you assure that there is almost no oxygen in the package. As a result, the chicken will be of optimum quality. Apart from preventing rotting, the vacuum sealing technique also helps to preserve the freshness of the chicken.

Note that how long the chicken will stay okay will depend on several things. One of such things is the temperature inside your fridge. The above estimation is based on the 40 F temperature of freeze. So, make sure that you have put the fridge at the right temperature for the best outcome.

What Affect the Shelf Life of Vacuum Sealed Chicken Last in The Fridge?

As we said earlier, there are several things that affect the shelf life of the vacuum-sealed chicken that you have put in the fridge. Here are some of the things:

  1. The freshness of the meat. It means how fresh wash the meat is when you have vacuum sealed it. The meat you are purchasing from the super shop might not be much fresh. If you have preferred the meat from a live chicken, they will be fresher.
  2. The acidity level and the pH level of the chicken can also cause the difference. These factors might be different based on species, food, and some other factors.
  3. Sometimes we prefer marinating the chicken before we put it in the fridge. The things you are using for the marination can also cause a difference in shelf life.
  4. Another thing that can change the shelf life duration is the temperature of the fridge. Make sure to employ the right temperature for the best outcome, which is 40 F or below.
  5. The cleanliness. If you don’t clean and sanitize the chicken appropriately, the shelf life will be lower. Proper cleaning will help to increase it.
  6. Another important factor is the bag you are using for the vacuum sealing. Some bags have a lower oxygen transfer rate when it is higher for some other bags. If the measure is lower, the bag will keep the chicken in good shape for a long duration.

What are the Benefits of Vacuum Sealing your Food?

Vacuum sealing not only keeps your food in good shape for a long time, but it also helps in some other ways. Here are some of the other benefits of using the vacuum sealing technique to preserve your food.

  1. You can buy the chicken or any other meats in bulk when their cost is low and refrigerate them in a vacuum-sealed bag. This way you can keep them in the fridge for a long period. This will help you to save some bucks.
  2. One of the main benefits of vacuum sealing the food is it can preserve the quality of the food. Such as, the freshness, taste, smell, etc. will be alright for most of the foods when you vacuum seal them before refrigerating.
  3. The vacuum sealing techniques can save your food from dehydration and other issues. Such as it can protect the food from freeze burn which happens when there is water inside the freezer. The sealing bag work as a barrier to prevent these issues.
  4. When you put the food in the usual way, it can last for a couple of months. But when you vacuum seal before refrigerating, they can last up to years.
  5. Vacuum sealing is a great way to store your leftover food in the freezer. It will keep the food’s taste and flavor optimum by preventing the outside moisture from spoiling the food. You can keep cooked meals for up to a month. Make sure to check how long you can preserve the recipe in this way to know the exact figure.


As you see, vacuum sealing arrives with plenty of benefits. If you are preserving the foods in the fridge in the usual ways, you should consider using the vacuum sealing method. This will help to keep the food in the perfect quality so that you can enjoy it after a longer period. Protection Status
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