How To Prep Skin For Pore Vacuum

Prep Skin For Pore Vacuum

How To Prep Skin For Pore Vacuum? Vacuum is one of the greatest inventions in the history. Since then, it has been used in multiple fields to carry out multiple processes. The use of vacuum is not only limited to industries and household, it has excelled in many other fields too including cosmetics.

The use of vacuum in nutraceutical industry is surely unmatchable. It has been used to manufacture many products. In addition to this, the vacuum technology has also been used in multiple centrifugal processes which help in separation of impurities and to isolate a pure product.

The use of vacuum technology in cosmetics is also prevailing. Vacuum technology is used to purify skin from impurities known as blackheads, whiteheads, dust and dirt. In addition to this, it is also used in facials known as hydra facials. These facials have a fixed assembly which helps rejuvenate skin by using vacuum suction.

A Look On How To Prep Skin For Pore Vacuum

As we are aware about how vacuum technology has invaded the field of cosmetic, however, before allowing the pore vacuum to work on your skin, we have to prep the skin too.

Here are the ways through which you can prep your skin for pore vacuum.

  • One of the ways to prepare your skin before pore vacuuming is to wash your face with water and some cleanser. You just have to wash your face normally and lather some cleanser on your face. Massage your face in circular motions gently for 1 minute. This will help remove all the dust, dirt and bacteria accumulated on the superficial layer of your skin.
  • Another preparation scheme followed by aesthetics before cleaning your skin with pore vacuum is to clean the tip of the vacuum with disinfectant. As pore vacuum itself is a tool, there can be accumulated dirt and bacteria in the top of the vacuum tip. Hence, before carrying out the procedure it is better to use a disinfectant to clean vacuum tip.
  • Steaming your face is also a great idea to prep your skin before pore vacuuming. This will help loosen all the dirt and bacteria. In addition to this, steam will also open up your pores and hence, pore vacuum will work better and will allow a deep cleaning of your face. You can use a facial steamer to steam your face. If you do not have a facial steamer you can use a towel and hot water to steam your face.
  • Another tip to prep your skin before pore vacuuming is to exfoliate it. You can use various kinds of exfoliators based on your skin conditions. Exfoliators help remove your dead skin containing bacteria and dirt. This helps increase the turnover of your skin cells and enhances collagen and elastic synthesis of your skin maintaining the elasticity and young looking feature of your skin.

Following these three basic tips, you can prep your skin for pore vacuuming. These tips will allow your skin to relax and will also open your pores. Open pores expose the accumulated dirt, dust, debris and bacteria and hence, the pore vacuum will perform better.

Do Pore Vacuums Actually Work?

Pore vacuums are undoubtedly one of the best inventions in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics. It has allowed better treatments for skin through the skin vacuuming procedures. But the question arises that do pore vacuums actually work or its just a myth that they aid in skin cleaning.

Pore vacuums work and are surely better than manual extraction of pores. Vacuum pore cleaning uses the suction technology to clean the pores. The suction is optimum which can be easily tolerated by skin. In addition to this, the continuous movement of the handheld apparatus on the face does not allow scarring and helps in even cleaning of the pores.

Benefits of Using Pore Vacuum On Skin

There are multiple benefits of using pore vacuum on skin. It surely helps in cleaning the skin and also enhance the production of new cells. Here are the benefits of pore vacuum on skin.

  • Pore vacuum on skin is one of the safest procedures. There are no skin hazards associated. In addition to this, it is easy to manage. You can carry out the procedures easily at home with instructions and guidance.
  • It is a painless procedure. In comparison to other procedures such as skin needling and skin peeling, pore vacuuming is one of the painless procedures which does not involve any hazards.
  • Pore vacuuming is carried out through handheld apparatus which is easy to handle and manage. The apparatus is lightweight and can be easily moved around.
  • One of the greatest advantages of pore vacuuming is its cost. The apparatus is under $50. This makes it easily accessible for people trying to improve their skin.


Is Pore Vacuuming Bad For Your Skin

Pore vacuuming is not certainly bad for your skin but over use of pore vacuuming can disturb your skin’s condition. Adverse effects of pore vacuuming include disturbances in the pH of skin, disturbances in the oil levels of the skin. Over use of pore vacuuming can rip off the natural oils from your skin.

In addition to this, keeping the vacuum too long at a place can lead to bruising of skin. This is because the blood vessels dilate and cause inflammation. However, if you have acne then you should surely consult a dermatologist as pore vacuuming can worsen your acne.


Conclusively, there are many ways you can prep your skin before pore vacuuming. Pore vacuuming should not be done on raw skin, you should either steam your skin or exfoliate it to open the pores so that the vacuuming works efficiently.

In addition to this, you can also use multiple other skin prepping techniques to open your skin and prepare it for cleansing. There are multiple benefits of pore vacuuming. It gives your skin beautiful glow, it also rejuvenates the skin and increases the overall skin turnover.

The apparatus used for skin pore vacuuming is simple, handheld and portable which can be easily used and is also portable. You just have to be cautious while using as keeping it too long at a single place can surely lead to bruising. Protection Status
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