Are Dyson Vacuums Dual Voltage

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What Do you Know About Dyson Vacuums Dual Voltage

Dyson is a quite famous brand and the talk of the town in the world of household vacuums, air purifiers, and even hair care accessories. No matter the cost, people are ready to spend their hundreds on vacuums and other household supplies.

Dyson, as mentioned above, is a very famous British company established by James Dyson in 1987. It’s curious how famous Dyson is and something makes you wonder what it is about Dyson that makes it so special that it’s famous for its vacuums all across the globe.

Everything You Should Know About Dyson Vacuums Dual Voltage


There are multiple adjectives connected with the Dyson vacuum such as Motorhead, Animal, Absolute, Torque Driver, or, in that case, the new V11. There are a lot of “extras” that come alongside the vacuum. These usually take the form of detachable heads for different uses, like a narrower head for cleaning stairs and hard floors, a slimmer head for the tight spots around the house, and so on.


The runtime written on the Dyson vacuum can sometimes be wrong and misleading. The number written is the maximum runtime of the vacuum. It doesn’t explain how long it will run on the lowest suction setting. Anyway, it’s safe for you to assume you will get at least a 20 or 30 percent less runtime off a full battery than what’s written. As you will vacuum at different suction and will be jumping back and forth to high and low suction.


As the new vacuum comes out the old one gets older, prices change, and that is how the market works! Dyson vacuums are often on sale by major online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmartdurable. The price listed in our guide are approximations and can change, if you want a best and sort of a steal offer for Dyson Vacuum go for the older model they are just as good and a little cheaper.

Types Of Vacuums

If you want to know about vacuums entirely you must know that there are multiple types of vacuums

  • Upright Vacuum

These vacuums are called the “original” vacuum, the OG design. The upright vacuum is the biggest and bulky type of vacuum you can get. As bad as it sounds it’s not a solely negative point. Sure, they might not be easy to store or so versatile to carry around but they have a sturdy structure and are built to last, and have greater suction power.

  • Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums are also pretty vintage-looking and have a similar suction and power as an upright vacuum. They too are corded like upright vacuums. And are expected to last more than eight years. They are seen as portable which makes them a liability which means that they are not as durable and might break.

  • Stick Vacuum

Stick vacuums are the definition of lightweight and versatile for cleaning. They are easy to use around the house. But they are not the most durable vacuum ever, they are also not meant for cleaning heavily soiled floors.

  • Robot Vacuum

One of the news and finest inventions for cleaning and household maintenance is the Robot Vacuum. They operate on their own. These vacuums are ideal for you if you are always busy at work or just want to chill and not worry about cleaning the house.

Unfortunately, they aren’t going to be as robust as upright vacuums and are more likely to run into trouble since you are not the one operating them. Robot vacuums run on batteries so if it is not built in the vacuum then it’s okay if it’s not you can not replace them.

  • Handheld

Last but certainly not least is the handheld vacuum. They are designed to be easy to use and carry. You can easily clean your car with them. The motor is not as powerful as the traditional vacuum and it also runs on batteries.

Are Dyson Vacuums Dual Voltage

Dyson machines are sold in different countries. The machine has the required power for the country. The machines in the US have a voltage of 120v.


Dyson vacuums are the best option there is. They sold machines all across the world. And the machines have different requirements for different countries. The machine used in the US are dual voltage but each country has different machine voltage ranges.

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