What to Vacuum Seal?

What to Vacuum Seal?

Do you want to preserve your favorite veggies for the offseason? Are you looking for ways to preserve extra meat for later use? Want to store marinades chicken and prepared sandwiches so that you can have them ready for breakfast?

Well, your prayers have been answered because I will share beautiful techniques to store your favorite stuff in a vacuum sealer.

A little about Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is a beautiful invention when it comes to reserve food of varying types. Vacuum sealers were introduced in the early 1990s. But their popularity increased with the hot trend of sous vide food-named in french, a process in which food like fish, chicken, or vegetables are cooked in a plastic tub in a tub of hot water for a longer cooking time than usual- for home chefs. Vacuum sealers were initially used in professional kitchens but later became a home practice when people practiced sous vide food at their kitchens.

Let’s begin the process of preservation through a vacuum sealer. Here is a step-by-step guide on using a vacuum sealer effectively what sort of food and stuff you can vacuum seal to preserve.

Vacuum Seal of Meat and Cheese in Bulk

One of the critical features of vacuum sealers is that you can even store highly perishable items like meat or cheese. Buying things in bulk is budget-friendly and can help you at complex timings. You don’t need to rush to the superstore every time you go out of cheese or meat.

So when it comes to preserving meat or cheese, the air is the biggest hurdle in the process. As oxygen helps mold grow, your cheese is doomed if the cheese wrapper has a passage from where the air is likely to enter. In addition, air makes the cheese fuzzy after a few days if left improperly sealed. In the same way, air causes dehydration in unsealed meat. Put your meat or cheese to be reserved in a plastic bag. Suck as much air you can with the vacuum sealer. A minimum of ten seconds of the button press would be enough.

Sous Vide Cooking

Although it is not necessary to cook sous vide food in a vacuum sealer. You can do the same process in a pot or sink wrapped in a zip-top bag. But the vacuum sealer saves you from the hassle of dealing with zip-top bags. In a zip-top bag, you have to deal with the floating of the bag due to air. But with a vacuum sealer, you can easily extract enough air out of the bag to prevent floating and ensure even cooking.

Preserve Veggies or Herbs

With the help of a vacuum sealer, you can preserve your favorite herbs or vegetables for a more extended period. For example, you can save that big bunch of cilantro you bought from the grocery store from wilting. Likewise, you can preserve those tomatoes grown in a large number in your garden, and you don’t want them to get freezer burned. A vacuum sealer can save you and your sweet tomatoes from spoilage. Put your tomatoes, either sliced or in halves, in a plastic bag and extract the extra air. Now seal the bag with a handheld vacuum sealer or a container, and tada tomatoes are safe now.

Reseal your Bag of Potato Chips

Done eating chips from the pack. Well, save the rest for the next movie. With the help of a vacuum sealer, you can restore the crunch and flavor of the remaining chips. Just put the chips bag under a vacuum sealer, and there you go; you have just prevented your chips from getting soggy and stale. So enjoy your tortilla crackers the next day.

Preserve Marinades and Salada

Since till now, you have learned a lot about vacuuming sealing. So why not discuss marinades and salads. Well, not only can you preserve unspiced food, but you can also preserve marinated food for a quick-cooking. Vacuum sealers are a great help in this regard for people who have to go to college or jobs and don’t find time to cook food from scratch until the weekend. You can save your marinated fish fillets or chicken patties, or steaks with the help of a vacuum sealer. So every time you pull them out of the freezer, you will find your marinades fresh in appearance, away from cold burn, and tasteful.

Similarly, you can prepare your favorite mix-up salads and store them. Just prepare the salad, put it in the bags and then leave the job to the vacuum sealer. You can prepare and store the whole weekend or even a monthly menu in this way.

Vacuum Seal the leftovers.

No need to stuff your refrigerator with the bowls containing leftovers. Let’s practice smartness. Next time you need to send leftovers with your visitors, pack them in portion-sized vacuum-sealed bags, and you don’t have to remember dishes need to b returned.

Household Storage with the Vacuum Seal

Too much talk about food storage; let me tell you what else you can do with a vacuum seal. Every household contains some fine lines stuff that needs to be protected. Well, get yourself a vacuum sealer and vacuums seal bags. A vacuum sealer will not only protect your lines from the damages caused by dust or moisture, but it will also help you in managing space.

Want to protect your jewelry from entanglement and damage? Just wrap your jewelry in a fine cloth hen vacuum seal it. Your jewelry is in safe hands now. You can also store and protect silverware in the same manner.

Bottom Line

A vacuum sealer can protect anything from your kitchen spices and veggies to your household and even your traveling and camping stuff. You can even protect your kid’s puzzles, comics this way. You received the love cards from your dear ones and didn’t want them to get damaged with time. You can also protect them through vacuum seal bags. A vacuum sealer not only protects things and stuff, but it will also help managing space as bags with air occupy more space.

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