How To Use Nutri Chef Vacuum Sealer

Do you Own a Nutri Chef Vacuum Sealer?

Try reading these installation instructions before using this appliance and save this manual for reference in the future in order to make the most use of it and operate it safely.

Vacuum Preservation System

You are about to reap the benefits of vacuum sealers in terms of freshness. For many years, our vacuum food sealers have assisted millions of families in keeping food fresher in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. This appliance’s unique design not only keeps food fresher for up to 5 times longer than traditional storage techniques, but it also includes a scale so you can weigh it. Keep this gadget on your counter, and you’ll quickly realize how useful and versatile it is. It will be your most valuable kitchen assistant.

Why Vacuum package?

Exposure to air in traditional storage techniques can cause food to lose flavor and nutrients. Bacteria, mold, and yeast can cause food to deteriorate. This vacuum sealer eliminates air while sealing in taste and quality. You can keep your food fresh for up to 5 times longer with this wonderful device and its accessories.

Reduce Your Spending

With our vacuum food sealer, you may buy in bulk when food is on sale and then vacuum package it in the amounts you choose.

More Time Saved

Plan your meals for the coming week. Keep them in vacuum-sealed bags.

Take Advantage Of Seasonal Or Specialized Foods

Keep perishable foods and seldom-used goods fresher for longer.

Dieting Portion Control

Make reasonable quantities of your meals and label the bags with the calories or fat content.

Marinate For A Few Minutes

Vacuum packing opens up the pores of the food, allowing you to enjoy that great-marinated flavor in just 20 minutes rather than overnight.

Make Entertaining Simple

Preparing your trademark meal and holiday sweets ahead of time will allow you to spend more time with your visitors.

Keep Non-Food Things Safe

Reduce the amount of time polished silver is exposed to air to keep it from tarnishing. Keep camping and boating gear dry and organized in preparation for trips.

Important Precautions

Please read the user manual carefully before using this appliance for your personal safety, and take the following basic precautions:

  • Before plugging in, ensure that the power supply matches the rated voltage listed on this item.
  • Do not use this appliance if the power cable or socket is broken. If it malfunctions or is damaged in any way, do not use it. Please contact the authorized customer service center if the appliance or power cable is damaged.
  • When not in use and before cleaning, unplug from the outlet. To detach, first unhook the power cord from the outlet. Pulling on the cable will not result in a disconnect.
  • To avoid a hazard, the supplied power cable must be changed by the manufacturer or its service provider.
  • The appliance should not be used with an extension cable.
  • Use the appliance only on wet or hot surfaces, and never near high-power electrical appliances.
  • Do not submerge any component of the device, including the power cable and plug, in water or other liquids.
  • Only use accessories that have been approved by the manufacturer.
  • This device is only intended for use in the home. It should not be used outside.
  • When youngsters are using the device, keep a close eye on them. Allowing the equipment to be used as a toy is not permitted.
  • The capacity of the digital scale is 2kg.

Do not always place heavy things on the platform to ensure the precision of the scale. Otherwise, pressure may cause the weighing sensor to distort. If the scale will be inactive for an extended period of time, please rotate it to remove the platform. Then, at the bottom of the appliance, place it in the appropriate location.


Nutrichef is a young band, formed in 2014, yet their goods have a large following. They manufacture various kinds of edge vacuum sealers, as well as one chamber vacuum sealer aimed at the house buyer/consumer-grade market.

Most models feature many vacuum speeds, whereas a few just have Vac, Seal, and Stop. None contain a handheld sealer, as do some FoodSaver vacuum sealers (such as this one—see it tucked in on the left side), which is surprising given that Nutrichef refers to their sealers as “handheld”—note that this does not imply the same thing as it does for FoodSaver vacuum sealers. (This just implies that the sealers are tiny and portable.) Protection Status
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