How to Put a Belt on a Kirby Vacuum?

How to Put a Belt on a Kirby Vacuum?

Kirby genuine belts are specially designed and manufactured to maintain the high performance of your Kirby home care system. While the tapes are available, they can stretch and break, damaging the Kirby system and your carpet. Kirby’s actual belts are well matched and designed to work well with the person lifting the belt. It is possible that the belt does not turn freely on the brush roll. Flip the handle to lift the belt and turn it clockwise until the green arrows follow. This will remove the belt from the concrete so that it can open freely on the brush roll. Be sure to check the brush volume with braided hair or debris that may prevent it from turning.

Important Safety Tips:

  • Always make sure your machine is not connected and that the power button is off before repairing your vacuum.
  • Always make sure your hands are dry and moist before repairing your machine.
  • Be sure to wear gloves when adjusting your machine to prevent any cuts or scratches.
  • If you are not feeling well in your vacuum, please do not hesitate to contact customer care, and they can assist you in this process, or you can send us to fix it for you.


The important aspect you want to do is lift this lid.

  • If you look at the electric head, you will see a sticker. It has a green arrow marked “belt on” and a red arrow marked “belt off.”
  • A round piece on the front lifts the belt. If you look up, you will see that it also has a green arrow.
  • Now lift the metal tab in front of the belt lift and turn the handle!
  • Now you can quickly turn it over to line up the red arrows.
  • Fold the tab back down and open the release pad. The powerhead will drop.
  • Look inside the head, and you will see that the belt is connected with a hook. This is how you lift the belt off the belt and allow you to remove the powerhead.
  • Open the powerhead tabs to “unlock.”
  • You can now remove the plate. This provides you with a full ticket to the brush roll and belt.
  • Hold the roll of the brush and belt and pull it out.
  • Skid the abandoned belt and slide the new one.
  • Pay intimate interest to the tabs on each side of the brush. Their sides are numbered from 1 to 3, and one side is also larger than the other.

How High or Low you want your Brush to Sit on?

Numbers are an excellent adjustment to how high or low you want your brush to sit on. If you have a high pile carpet, you will probably want both of them in 1. If you have a very low pile carpet or solid stairs, you will probably need it at 3. Most of the time, we have it in 2.

  • So set both tabs to the number you want. Then, slide the brush input brush. Remember that one side is bigger than the other, so it fits nicely in another way!
  • To return the belt to the hook, use your belt holder and line up the green arrows.
  • Now hold your belt and hold it tightly on the brush roll.
  • Turn the elevator facing red, and you should see and feel when holding the belt. Keep twisting until the red arrow is in line.
  • Place the plate under the powerhead. The beginning skates on the powerhead slots, and the two tabs go backward.
  • To make it easier for the powerhead to return to it, raise the machine height all the way up with the height solution.
  • Attach the hooks behind the powerhead to the bar in the vacuum.
  • Please open it and lock it in its place.
  • Turn the lifting strap to adjust the green arrows.
  • Close the lid, and you’re done!

How can I say that my Disposal Bag is full and needs to be replaced?

There is a filling line in the disposal bag, and when the dirt reaches the line, you have to change your disposal bag because it is no longer appropriately filtered. Therefore, make sure you use only the actual filter bags available here to ensure that your Kirby system cleans properly.

The Vacuum works, but why not Pick Up any Dirt on the Floor?

There are a few possible reasons for this to happen. First, the machine may not be set to the correct range. Second, if the microphone is too high on the floor, the brush will not reach the bottom to clean it properly. To adjust the height, press the toe to touch the side of the unit.

Another reason could be that the brush roll does not turn. For example, if the brush roll indicator lamp is missing, that could mean the following: the brush roll does not turn freely, or the belt is slippery, broken, or disengaged. To include the brush, remove the lifting handle from the belt and turn it clockwise until the green arrows follow.

Lastly, you can have a full bag. Check the disposal filter bag to see if it is full and replace it if so.

Bottom line:

There are two security changes to your Kirby. One is in front of the unit, and the other is on the side where the bag is attached. If there is nothing connected to the front of the unit, such as your bottom pipe, attachment pipe, or shampoo system, Kirby will not open; This is to prevent injury to you from the fan and prevent harming the fan. There is also a safety switch on the side of unit where the bag is attached or tank when you wash the car. You need to remove the bag or tank and put it back in, and make sure it explodes firmly in its place. So, now you know how to put a belt on Kirby Vaccum. Protection Status
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