Is a Cordless Vacuum as Good as Corded

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Why is a cordless vacuum as good as a corded one?

General Overview

Cleaning home annoys everyone out. It looks like a simple task to perform, but do not get deceived. Cleaning home, and cleaning, in general, has never been easy to do in the first place. Sometimes we are just too lazy even simply to clean our work desks.

Why is it not easy? It is because you do not need to become a smart person, rather than a person with the willpower to move and do the cleaning. This answers why most smart and genius people around you would have their room in a mess condition.

In the modern era like now, we can leverage our task to clean up things with the help of technology. One of the technologies that, up until now, everyone should have is a vacuum.

Vacuum As a Preference of Cleaning Style

Vacuum, on the other hand, is one of the home appliances available on the market that help people effectively save time cleaning up their homes. Probably, everyone’s home has at least one vacuum to do the cleaning.

People are always confused when it comes to their cleaning style preference. No matter what you choose to do the cleaning, it all comes back to you again, whether or not you will do the act of cleaning.

For instance, when someone spent so much time and energy choosing between a cordless vacuum or a corded vacuum. But in fact, they never bought between one of the tools since they were completely confused with the best choice.

Just pick a tool that you think can do the work. Do not get drowned in the never-ending analysis paralysis of choice.

However, knowing each one’s advantages and disadvantages between cordless vacuum and corded vacuum could decide one feeling and experience when using the tool directly.

Is the cordless vacuum going to match with one cleaning style or not? And vice versa.

Before we enter a detailed analysis between the two, I want to give a short introduction for both of the vacuum cleaners, as they are now widely used by everybody in cleaning household messes.

Cordless Vacuum

A cordless vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that runs without having a cable to plug into the power source. It uses a battery to turn on the vacuum cleaner. In short, you will have a vacuum that you can carry everywhere you want to go inside the household.

Corded Vacuum

A corded vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that has a cable that shall plug into the power source to operate. In short, you must be near a power source to get your vacuum cleaner to do its job.

Pros and Cons of Cordless Vacuum


If you have a cordless vacuum right now, you probably have felt the benefit of the tool by now. Relying solely upon battery power, a cordless vacuum wins when it comes to flexibility compared to a corded one.

You can almost carry a cordless vacuum anywhere in almost any place you want to clean at your home. We can set the situation side by side between WiFi existence in present times and cable internet in old times.

Right now, you do not have to be near a cable internet to get an internet connection and to connect with the internet itself. Just set your laptop or PC software setting so it could connect with available WiFi and you are ready to work from anywhere you want to be.

The more flexible a thing is, the more it attracts a customer to use it frequently as it effectively combats most customers’ problems to become more productive. It meant the customers would spend less time on the tasks. The tool simplifies and promotes a whole next-level experience of deep cleaning.


The downside when you use a cordless vacuum is its battery itself. As the battery runs out of energy after getting used for a long time, it will surely weaken the suction ability of a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, if the battery inside the vacuum drains out, you will need to recharge the vacuum so it can run again. A tedious and unproductive thing to do is wait. While you wait for the vacuum to fully charge, you most likely could finish the cleaning when you use a corded one.

Waiting for the battery to fill again could be a long-dread task to see and exist. It will make you much lazier waiting in the middle of the cleaning, rather than continue and finish the tasks.

Pros and Cons of Corded Vacuum


Most corded vacuums have excellent suction power in comparison with what the cordless vacuum suction power can do. They have backed it with reliable energy from an original power source, which makes a corded vacuum filled have much more energy capacity than a cordless one.

As for the battery life, I think I will not address this matter further since, of course, as we all can see, a corded vacuum wins by a long shot. You do not have to worry about battery life anymore if you choose a corded vacuum as one of your vacuum cleaner types to clean your home.


When it comes to cleaning, corded vacuum nature lacks versatility. You cannot carry around the tool whenever you want to clean.

Make you aware that every time you want to switch places to do the cleaning, you have to check if the places you want to cleanse have a power source plug or not. It relies heavily on a power source to run the tool.


As I created this article solely to answer the title, why is a cordless vacuum as good as a corded one? The answer is because of the flexibility and versatility the tool has offered.

It comes with advanced features that make it easier for most people to clean their homes at any place they want to clean.

Additionally, the cordless vacuum is also lightweight and can transform into a handled version. A vacuum cleaner that will help you to clean difficult spots to approach. Protection Status
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