How to Bypass Vacuum Switch on Englander Pellet Stove

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The Englander pellet stove is a great way to heat up an area in your home. It’s clean, efficient, and easy to use. The only thing that can get in the way of your enjoyment is if you don’t know how to bypass vacuum switch on Englander pellet stove. If you want more information about this topic then keep reading!

The best way for homeowners who are considering purchasing an Englander Pellet Stove would be to take some time researching their current needs before making any commitments. Because there are many different models available at various price ranges. It may be difficult for someone who doesn’t know what they need. Or how much money they can spend on heating equipment to make a decision. They may also be left wondering what they should ask of a potential Englander pellet stove installer. So that their homes are as warm and comfortable as possible.

How to Bypass Vacuum Switch on Englander Pellet Stove

In order to learn how to bypass vacuum switch on Englander pellet stove. It is important for you to familiarize yourself with the Englander pellet stove and its components first. This will help you to gain a better understanding of what is required to properly use it. And how to maintain an Englander pellet stove unit. Which includes replacing filters and heating pellets.

When you want to learn more about Englander pellet stoves or how to bypass vacuum switch on Englander pellet stove. Remember that engaging in some research can really make a difference. And, if you do decide to go with it, it will be possible to take full advantage of the pellet stove. So, remember that continued research is key when you’re thinking about Englander pellet stove installation.

Englander Pellet Stove Modification

Materials you’ll need to Bypass Vacuum Switch on Englander Pellet Stove

– Englander pellet stove

– (2) M10 x 1.25mm standoffs (Optional, but makes it neater and easier to seal up once done.)

– (4) #8 x 5/8″ self-tapping sheet metal screws (Add a dab of caulk or paint on the head of these before installing.)

– Tape measure or ruler

– Drill with bits ranging from 5/32″ ~ 9/32″. I recommend 7/16″. You can use a handheld rotary tool. Such as an engraver that’s chucked into a drill for this step if you don’t have access to a drill press. You can find engraver bits at hardware stores 1/16″ through 3/32″.

– Flathead screwdriver for backing out screws

– Longnose pliers or something similar to hold the Englander’s solenoid

– Sharpie marker

– 3x Vacuum switch ~4-6″ long

Keep these close

– Electrical tape or some other form of sealing up the switch port and/or your added vacuum switch to prevent any possible air leaks. (You don’t want the pellet stove to be running and sucking outside air from a leaky connection.) I would suggest electrical tape. It has a nice seal, is very flexible with temperature changes. It is easy to remove, if need be, and it doesn’t corrode over time as duct tape does.

– Metal file or engraver tool to debug the solenoid screw holes after drilling.

– Shop towels for cleaning Englander pellet stove parts and surfaces that will be in contact with the pellets or dust particles.

– (Optional) Drill press if you have access to one. I was able to get away with using a handheld drill thanks to the engraver bits. But your technique might not be as precise without a drill press. It steadies the bits at the correct angle while drilling.

– (Optional) Bench vice if you have access to one. This would make it easier on your hands but isn’t necessary at all.

If you are reassembling the Englander pellet stove after adding pellets vacuum switch. And the pellet stove is running, do not touch the solenoid with bare hands. Touching the solenoid with pellets dust on your hand risks it getting pulled through the auger and plugging the auger or auger motor up.

How to Bypass Vacuum Switch on Englander Pellet Stove – Step by Step

1) Remove the screws using long nose pliers to hold the end of the red wire near. Where Englander pellets are seated in the auger. You should be able to let go of the red wire after removing the screw that’s holding the switch wires in place.

2) Remove the top access panel. I didn’t have to do this, but your Englander pellet stove might vary. Depending upon the model number and when it was made.

3) Close the top access cover over the solenoid wiring connections. Leaving the nozzle out of the side cover for easier access later on. Before proceeding further if you are reassembling after adding vacuum switch.

4) Debris will be sucked up onto Englander’s auger motor you take away the path from its nozzle to its side cover. You’ll have to wait for the pellets dust on the auger motor and auger itself to settle a bit. Before proceeding further if you are reassembling after adding a vacuum switch.

5) Remove the solenoid from the pellet stove by turning the screw counter-clockwise with a flathead screwdriver until the pellet stove is free.

Let’s move on to the harder part

6) Remove the red wire/cable connector by pressing down firmly on the black plastic tab. While pulling up gently on the red wire/cable connector in order to get it over the solenoid’s threaded shaft. Your vacuum switch wires will need to be on the solenoid’s threaded shaft instead of the red wire/cable connector that points straight down. So you’ll want the red wire/cable connector off the solenoid if possible after adding a vacuum switch.

7) Vacuum pellet stove parts to clean pellets dust from auger motor and auger itself using appropriate attachments for your vacuum cleaner. Debur the screw holes using the appropriate engraver bit for your drill press or handheld drill. In order to make room for new screws to mount solenoid back onto the pellet stove without having to enlarge original screw holes any more than necessary when reassembling after adding the pellets vacuum switch.

8) Drill Englander’s original screw holes (that fit solenoid clip on the pellet stove) if that’s what you need to do. I didn’t have to drill any new holes as screws holding the solenoid fit the existing threaded shafts of the auger motor and auger. (When cleaning with appropriate attachments for your vacuum cleaner). It is not necessary to make them bigger. But rather deep enough so they can catch enough threading on the auger without stripping it out.

It is also not necessary to make them even deeper than the original screw holes just to be 100% safe. But the original screw holes are just deep enough that the auger rotates smoothly without being too tight upon the pellet stove. I also figured the screws would hold the solenoid in place better. Since I didn’t have to enlarge the original screw hole any more than necessary to make room for the solenoid clip.


9) Reassemble Englander pellet stove (after you’ve done your cleaning). It will be easier if you wait until the pellets dust settles onto the auger first before reassembling.

10) Put the solenoid into the pellet stove by slipping the screw end of the solenoid through the bottom access cover.

11) Put the red wire/cable connector back onto the top access to cover the threaded shaft. So, the red wire/cable connector points down instead of straight down. Just like before you removed it to clean with your vacuum cleaner if it is ready for that now.

12) Turn the screw clockwise until the solenoid fits snugly against its side cover. Check pellets dust production again right away just to be 100% sure. Because you will need to close the magnetron door on your microwave oven or open the vacuum hose port on the pellet stove to vacuum the pellets dust from the auger motor using appropriate attachments for your vacuum cleaner again. Just as soon as you have finished reassembling the Englander pellet stove right away.

13) Replace the screws holding the solenoid back onto the pellet stove if you haven’t already done so. I had already replaced mine before I got around to cleaning with appropriate attachments for your vacuum cleaner.

14) Reattach the power cord outlet that powers the pellet stove with two bolts and large washers. So, the pellet stove can be turned on without being plugged in if it is ready for that now.

15) Turn the switch from the off position over the auger or onto the “Pellets” position if it is ready for that.


If you’ve read this article, I hope you agree that the Englander pellet stove probably could benefit from having the switch turned on by adding a vacuum switch to it. This blog post was written with my personal knowledge from owning an Englander Pellet Stove. However, these tips may also apply to other brands or models of pellets stoves with similar features. Protection Status
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