Does a Spider Die When You Vacuum It Up

Does a Spider Die When You Vacuum It Up and What You Must Know About It

General Overview

So I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever come across a situation where you do the cleaning with your vacuum but suddenly, with no intended purpose, suck an animal like a spider inside of your vacuum cleaner?

The answer is probably some of you have experienced the situation, and some of you might never have gotten into the problem.

Anyway, whatever the answers you are going to tell us, none of it matters. However, you might be left wondering that one thing when the situation above occurs in your cleaning activity with a vacuum.

A question like “does a spider die when you vacuum it up?” will pop into your head in a few seconds after you read this article title or somewhere.

There are no spiders in harm when making this article. Every spider is safe and free from humans!

Alright, let us jump into some pieces of information you must know below.

Why Do Spiders Always Get Sucked When We Clean Our Home With a Vacuum? 

Spider is a small creature in animal world comparisons. The larger animals in your home, such as mice, cats, and dogs, are easy to see and always on sight, whilst spiders are hardly noticeable compared to the animals above.

Besides that, spiders are crawling animals, so they like to crawl inside stuff or mess that exists and gather in your home. Dirt and dust also support the spider’s survival because most of them have the same color skin as the material.

They have dark or brown skin that matches the color of the material or mess they get into. People who thought that the mess they cleaned up was not a living thing suddenly moved.

So it is no surprise to hear or know that some people have stumbled upon this problem for a very long time, hence, those of you who never get into the issue should know about this information well to avoid similar occurrences as those who have encountered it.

Why Our Vacuum Can Suck In The Spider? 

Well, I am not very sure about it for now.

I thought that the machine or product, such as vacuum cleaner, would stop soon when they detected if there were some living creatures or things that were sucked inside the vacuum.

The problem could be because the spiders are tiny creatures that blend in with the concentrated mess or stuff in your home, and we were not aware of them. That is why they can get sucked into the vacuum you have.

When Does a Spider Die When You Vacuum It Up?

A spider dies at the start when they get sucked in from the head of the hose. It can also deteriorate when they become one with the dust or dirt that gets sucked in with the spider.

It is commonly known whenever you find a spider getting sucked into your vacuum, the spider would instantly lose their lives in seconds.

They can die of two possibilities, first from the shock they received from the sucking and after that the bounce back they got inside the machine or product.

Second, the spiders die when they pile up the dust and dirt that goes into the vacuum. This process will make the spider drown in the concentrated dust and dirt, causing them to thirst and make them eventually die.

Do Spiders Certainly Die When We Vacuum It Up? 

I have seen one YouTube channel recording an enormous spider (still tiny though) get sucked in the vacuum and still live anyway. The man who records the phenomena has an intended purpose, which maybe he can do for commercials to sell the vacuum he used or anything else.

One article on the internet explains the spider does not immediately die when sucked into the vacuum.

Another article explains that the spiders die depending on the type of spider getting sucked in and the vacuum model. Some say the spiders will not die after getting sucked into the vacuum, and some say they will die.

A spider dying from a vacuum could be just from every factor. Either it is the vacuum or the spider itself. But most people view that regardless of the type of vacuum, the chance for a spider to live after vacuuming is more likely very slight.

Can We Use Our Vacuum To Kill or Remove The Spider?

The article I stated above also says that the spider that got sucked into the vacuum was done intentionally because some people were just afraid to take on the spiders with bare hands.

It tells other people that you can use the vacuum to get rid of the spider if you are afraid of confronting it directly. Despite that, it still warns us that not all spiders can get trapped with a vacuum, like the toxic one, such as a black widow spider.

If not carefully selected, spiders with poison could leave a dangerous chemical inside the vacuum canister or container. So be wise with your own decision.

What Solutions Do I Have to Avoid This Situation?

Perhaps the only way you can avoid a spider getting sucked into your vacuum is by seeing in the mess you want to clean if something is moving or not.

You can do this by shaking the concentrated mess a little bit using a stick, but make sure you shake it.

What To Do If You Suck The Spider Unintentionally?

If you happen to suck in the spider unintentionally, please remove the spider from the vacuum bag or canister right away. You can apply this to make sure the canister is free and empty from the tiny-crawling living creatures.

Or, if the spider manages to live, they would perhaps escape by themselves, and you can make sure the vacuum bag is safe.


Most spiders would surely die if they got sucked in when you clean your home using a vacuum. However, it still depends on the type of vacuum you have and what spiders got sucked inside the vacuum.

Being aware of the spider around you is what you must do to avoid making your vacuum a nest for dead spiders. While you do not want to suck the spider in your vacuum, some people use their vacuum to remove the spider from their home. Protection Status
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