Can I Return My Rainbow Vacuum

How Can I Return My Rainbow Vacuum After I Bought It?

Reasons Why People Return Their Rainbow Vacuum

We all have to agree that sometimes, not every product we had bought served its purposes accordingly.

You buy a brand new PlayStation that does not want to turn on. It is probably because of untransparent technical issues inside the product. The store kept it shut to make customers believe they had bought a new technology directly from the manufacturer.

The same thing could also happen to a rainbow vacuum you just had bought earlier. You open the package, unbox the machine, and see a scratch on the machine’s exterior. You got mad because of how unprofessional the store is when selling its products.

In addition, you could also face a situation where you just recently bought the product, and a few weeks later, it stops functioning. It did not match what the company or the store had said in their advertising.

They said that this is the best vacuum cleaner on the market, yet it gets damaged easily in no more than a month.

So what happens when you face the situation above?

Are you going to accept the fact that they had deceived you and taken all the profits from you?

Or do you come back to the store and ask for a product change since you found a defect in your product?

Or maybe you only turn in the product and ask for financial compensation?

Whether or not you are taking the action, below are the easy, explainable steps you can look at to return your rainbow vacuum. I will break down every step into an actionable act you can do in a quick time.

The First Step

Keep your receipt in a safe condition. Do not let it tear apart or shed. The receipt is going to be a crucial part of the returning process. Besides that, the policy return is explicitly written off on the receipt, declaring it will give you a span amount of days to return the product before it expires.

After you have successfully kept the receipt, we can then now jump to the next step, which is the second step of the process.

The Second Step

What you want to do when you need to return your rainbow vacuum is search the address of the distributor’s contact information. Save it so you can communicate with their customer services and ask for return service.

Calling the distributor customer service directly will ensure every next step you would take is more likely to remain accurate. It is like having a navigator on a sailing ship. You do not want to get stranded or confused.

You can find information about rainbow customer service on their website or any affiliate store that sells the products. Make sure you go for the distributor, not the manufacturer.

Then we can proceed to the third step.

The Third Step

Now you have all the foundations to return the products, you are ready, and start calling the distributor of a rainbow vacuum cleaner. Get in touch with the distributor and explain every complaint you have had after buying or using the product.

State your reasons backed up with concrete facts you have collected. For instance, if you have a photograph of your scratched rainbow vacuum, you can either email or text the image of the pieces of evidence.

If the distributor does not accept the return, you can ask for a win-win situation.

Now we can go for the fourth steps

The Fourth Step

Deliver an email or a mail that says the exact reasons why you are returning their product. This process will show evidence for both the customer and the distributor that the returning process is eligible to perform.

The Last Step

If all the steps above passed and all the requirements have been met, and the distributor agrees to refund you, then what you need to do next is to pack the product just like when you buy it the first time.

Put the product you need to return to its original box or packaging. Seal tightly and make sure every little attachment of the product is positioned correctly.

After the package has sealed totally, then you are ready to deliver it back to the distributor. You either turn over the packet by yourself or with local top expedition services. All the choice depends on you again.

Some Things You Need to Consider

Make sure you have powerful reasons and concrete evidence as to why a refund is the only option you take. Before returning your rainbow vacuum to the distributor, you had purchased the item. This action will cause every process of returning procedures to run smoothly.

Note that the distributor will not be soft with refunds. As the opposite of a customer doing whatever it can to get their money back, the distributor will use every resource available to keep the money from getting back to you again.

The Story of An Old Woman

There is a review of articles on the internet, saying an old woman cannot return the rainbow vacuum cleaner she had bought from a door-to-door salesman. It was said that after the old woman used the products for months, it just did not fit her at all.

However, it was told that the old woman cannot get her refund because she was unaware of the policy return behind the receipt and already had the product for too long.

And of course, the old woman was disappointed because of how unclear the distributor or company’s openness was to their customers. The old woman never thought that the distributor would never refund all of her money.

Proceed with Extra Caution and at Your Discretion

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