Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposal in 2024

Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is a smart choice, you can easily dispose of the leftover of your meal. In batch feed garbage disposals the method of food scraping is processed in batches. It is quite safe and less noisy device for your kitchen.

According to our vision and experience, Waste King L-8000TC top trade, and top functioning garbage disposals in the market. It has a rubber stopper at the topmost of it, which do not let any anti-disposal material to fall in it. It makes the grinding easy and super-convenient. It saves the life and durability of disposals units as well. You can fill the garbage at once even with a full load, it won’t affect its functioning and credibility because it’s what for batch disposals are made of.

Waste King L-8000TC is an exceptional batch feed as it gives exceptional and outstanding grinding. It is a harmless option for parents of younger kids, as another disposal cannot be initiated without the cover in place which avoids scrap to go anywhere else.

Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

Let’s take a look at all the Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposal and see which one is ideal for you.

Waste King L-8000TC

The Waste King 8000TC is the front-runner of Series of Batch-Feed Garbage Disposals. It is one of the fabulous food disposers in the market because its grinding ring powerfully breaks down the excess food into very adequate particles effectively and smartly.

It consists of top-class features:

  • L-8000TC has an eternal magnetic motor that works at High-speed (2800 RPM) and yields more power per pound.
  • It is a durable disposal that’s easy to install and operate it is tremendously durable and consistent.
  • It is a compact and lightweight disposer with stainless steel grind machineries that rapidly chop down the waste of food.
  • It works as a batch feed disposer whose drain stopper is first, triggered then it quickly and efficiently chores food waste in batches.
  • The L-8000TC is a tough and strong disposal than be installed very easily and without any struggle, it always works with reliability and stability.
  • The shiny and glossy design of L-8000TC saves space around the sink and makes the kitchen comfortable.



L-8000TC batch feed disposal is doubtfully superior in various ways, like its safety and quietness which is worthy of peaceful work and organized kitchens. It is highly recommended due to its perfect functioning, durability, and energy-efficient quality.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal:

It is the best choice to upgrade your kitchen with stylish design and outclass beauty of InSinkErator. It works efficiently and deals silently even with sound-producing scraps. It can even shred melon peels and chicken bones into powder by using unique two-stage grind technology.

Its salient key features are cited down:

  • This garbage disposal has a powerful motor of ¾ HP. This mighty motor shreds the toughest food surplus into pieces.
  • It is jammed and clogs free disposal as it has MultiGrind technologies which do not let disposer to stop ever.
  • This garbage disposal unit is equipped with magnetic CoverStart stimulation which lets to put the cover on the unit before grinding and crushing the food.
  • It is a batch feed disposer that is mounded with SoundSeal technologies which make this disposal sound insulated; extremely quiet.
  • Its stainless steel chambers are rust-free. Its 40-ounce chamber is extremely commodious which can deal with even outsized particles.



This unit dissimilar to other batches because it doesn’t have a built-in cord but still its functioning is matchless. It ultra-quietly process all the food scrap; crushes and grinds even larger particles into very tiny pieces without any vibration. It is highly recommended to everyone who wants strong and Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposal.


Waste King L-5000TC Batch Feed:

L-5000TC is a remarkable batch feed that is initiated by drain cover and it works with no risk. This quality makes the product a lifelong and user-friendly unit. Its powerful and quick installation and replaceable system make it an extraordinary grinder.

Its outstanding features are mentioned below:

  • L-5000TC is consists of ¾ HP high-speed motor (2700 RPM). This enduring and stable magnet motor is sound-proofed. It does not create any vibration and noise.
  • It works with high-speed and super-power, it does not let any clogged and never jams.
  • It has a built-in cord which makes installation easy and quick. You neither have to wait and nor have to call the plumbers for this purpose. It saves your time, money, and above all water.
  • It has a suitable volume of the chamber, 32 oz., which is perfect to chop the waste down. It is very light-weighted and compact disposal that gives fine grinding of waste.
  • Once it is stimulated by the drain stopper, it automatically starts shredding the surplus in batches. It makes the grinding safe and noiseless.


King’s L-5000TC is one of the best batch feed garbage disposal unit that grinds one load or batch once. Its safety cover protects disposal from any outer object to inculcate in it. It disposes of litter in batches with zero risk for family members. Don’t delay your order for this safer and compact disposer that makes your kitchen stylish and super-clean kitchen.


Waste King 9900TC:

King 9900TC carries a perpetual ultra-speed powerful motor that is sound free and rarely jams during functioning.  It is widely used by the people around the different corners of the world.

Its more remarkable features are:

  • King’s 9900TC is swift and relaxed at installation due to its professional 3-Bolt Mount. It is stress-free to install King 9900TC and superbly convenient to operate it.
  • It contains a pre-installed power cord which makes it’s fitting easy and quick. As it contains a built-in cord so it doesn’t require any plumber or electrician for fitting and fixation.
  • It is one of the finest and best batch garbage disposals that chops and grinds the excess food of kitchen in batches.
  • It offers 10 years protection warranty for the product. If users will demand any kind of assistance then the company will get them shortly.


This light-weighting yet powerful and durable stainless steel disposal is one of the prime batch feed garbage disposals. It crushes the food easily and ensures sufficient durability. It is not only user friendly but also environment friendly. Get a quick grab for safe and exceptional grinding. Protection Status
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