How to Clean The Filter On a Dyson Animal Vacuum

How to Clean The Filter On a Dyson Animal Vacuum With Easy Steps 

What Is Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson vacuum is one of those vacuum cleaners brands out there that is highly focused on deep cleaning activity for your home. They promote the machine as one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market when it comes to the powerful suction performance and versatility it has.  

Dyson also states that their vacuum cleaner machine is engineered especially for sucking in dirt, debris, and pet hair. All Dyson vacuum cleaners machines are widely known because of the applied cyclonic separation mechanics inside the machine. 

Cyclonic separation mechanics will allow the machine to separate and remove the dust, dirt, allergens, pet hair, and other dirty little particles in the air. 

It is generally known that Dyson is the first brand that is different from other brands to take advantage of the cyclonic technology inside their vacuum cleaner machine. 

Besides the suction power and the flexibility it offers, cyclonic technology is great for maintaining suction power performance in the long run without having to fear decreasing. 

The products they sell come with a lot of variants, such as cordless vacuums, upright vacuums, and hardwood floor vacuums. 

All types of vacuum are available on their website with quick and simple explanations. You just need to match it with your home belonging materials and cleaning style preference. 

What Differentiates Normal Dyson Vacuum and Dyson Animal Vacuum?

The difference between a normal Dyson vacuum and a Dyson animal vacuum is in its attachments. Dyson animal vacuum has special attachments or accessories built to remove pet hair and dust.

However, you should have already known that by now if the Dyson animal vacuum was created and targeted for homeowners who have pets in their homes. 

The pets that are probably always jumping on the couch or sofa and sleeping on your bed, must have been leaving traces such as hair. 

Dyson animal vacuum comes with a mini turbine head attachment for sucking in the pet hair and has a ball coupling each other to make the vacuum easy to move anywhere in every corner of your home. 

As for the normal Dyson vacuum, it has more general multi-purpose use for cleaning activity but does not focus that much on cleaning pet hair. We can say that the normal Dyson vacuum is minus the attachments for cleaning the pet hair like what the Dyson animal vacuum is intended for. 

The difference is minimal and not that big compared to other competing vacuums from different brands.

How to Clean The Filter On My Dyson Animal Vacuum?

Dyson animal vacuum uses a cyclonic separation mechanism which makes the filter inside the machine a crucial part of the cleaning activity. The filter functions to isolate the dust, debris, and pet hair and keep the suction power balance. 

The majority of people who pick Dyson ball animal 2 are pet owners. The vacuum model comes with attachments to clean up pet hair, as had been stated above. 

The filter inside the Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum machine plays a crucial role in making the vacuum work effectively and efficiently. Taking care of the filter and ensuring it will stay clean all the time will be incredibly helpful in your overall cleaning activity. 

Okay, let’s assume that you are a pet owner and, of course, have a Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum model. With that being said, now we can jump into the next explanation. 

I will explain every step by step you can do to clean your Dyson animal vacuum with ease and simplicity. Below is what you need to do.

Turning Off The Machine 

The first and the start of all steps is to make sure your Dyson animal vacuum machine is turned off. Your Dyson is already off and now you will unplug it from source power. 

Release The Cyclone

After you have turned off and unplugged the machine, search for a button to unleash the cyclone from the machine. Now that you have grabbed the cyclone, you can put it on a flat and solid surface, such as a floor or table (if you do not mind).

Carefully Extract The Filters

We have laid the cyclone out on a surface, now extracting the filters discreetly. Pay attention to the hatches you must press in the post-filter so it can detach from the baffle. Now unclip the front carry handle to remove the pre-filter.

Rinse The Filters

You must rinse every filter with cold water available in your home. For the pre-filter, try to run the water through each end of the sides of the filter. Make sure the water runs smoothly inside the filter. After that, you can now dry it out. 

As with the post-filter, you must run the post-filter inside the water but do it gently, do not be harsh. Drowning the post-filter inside the water will clear all of the dirt, dust, and pet hair within the filter. 

Dry All of the Filters

If you have successfully implemented the step above, dry all of the filters in 24 hours before inserting them back again into the vacuum machine.

Insert The Filter Back to The Dyson Animal Vacuum

Now that all the filters have dried out, you can put it back again to where it belongs. 

If it is pre-filter, reposition the filter so it can fit in the handle and tighten up. Place the cyclone back into the machine and click the button to make sure it is fully closed. 

As for the post-filter, align the filter with the baffle and push with power so that it sets precisely all three hatches. Reposition the filter into the ball and make sure it closes right. 


Those are the easy steps you can apply if you want to clean the filter on your Dyson animal vacuum at home. 

Note that the steps above only give you a straightforward explanation, so you know about the big picture to clean your Dyson. 

You still have to carefully read the instructions on the manual which comes within the product to avoid further error on the machine. 

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